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Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer

Phoenix Car Accident Lawyers & Personal Injury Attorneys 

At Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law, we provide honest, aggressive and professional legal representation for clients in Arizona. Clients that are seeking the help of an experienced Phoenix or personal injury attorney. Our main objective is to obtain the best possible financial compensation for your injuries that have been caused by an accident. The Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law team, we understand the burden of a personal injury or car accident that has been caused due to the negligence of someone else.

Our high level accident attorneys  work hard to help you with the challenges of dealing with insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, repair shops, the negligent party’s attorneys and the legal system. Our goal is to make these issues easier so that you can focus on recovery and return to your day-to-day life. Our law firm has established a national reputation of integrity through over 200 jury trials (of all types), with some cases awarding millions of dollars in settlements and positive verdicts for clients from all walks of life.

Whether injuries have been suffered by you or someone you love, Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law highly experienced team of personal injury attorneys, paralegals, investigators and law clerks are ready to use their qualifications and resources to handle all aspects of your personal injury or accident claim. Our injury law firm has many years of experience in the cities of Phoenix, , , Chandler, Gilbert, , Peoria, Glendale, Goodyear and all across the State of Arizona.

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Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer and Personal Injury Lawyer

Types of Personal Injury Lawyer Cases Handled

The Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law legal team has the experience, qualifications, and reputation to fight for the best compensation that you deserve. Our history of success provides the greatest testimony to our ability to help you ensure negligent parties are held accountable through the most appropriate settlement or verdict.

We represent injury client cases for the following areas:

  • Car Accidents: Car crashes can happen in the blink of an eye and without warning. Our job as a  is not only to evaluate the situation, but to take the burden off you. The last thing you should have to worry about is the stress of dealing with the insurance companies, high medical bills and financial hassles.
  • Commercial Semi Truck Accidents: An accident with a semi truck is not as common as an accident with a car, however, a truck accident in Arizona can be much more severe and cause more damage and personal injury. These damages and injuries can lead to more compensation.
  • Medical Malpractice: Malpractice in the Medical field deals with injuries that are caused by the negligence of a medical professional such as a doctor, nurse or pharmacist. A  will investigate the cause of the injury to determine who is at fault.
  • Personal Injury: Personal injuries can be described as someone that has been injured due to the fault of another person or product. Your Phoenix personal injury lawyer knows often times these include slip and falls, product defects, injuries on a premises, wrongful death and so on.
  • Slip and Fall Injury: Everyone has slipped and fallen at some point in their lifetime. Slip and fall injury is most often times contributed to law of “premises liability”. These injuries can cause high medical bills, pain and suffering. It is our job as a to find who is responsible.
  • Product Liability: Product manufacturers have strict policies in place to ensure that an item you have purchased meets safety standards. If a defective product has caused injury, you need a to fight for you.
  • Brain Damage and Head Trauma: Traumatic Brain injuries can be caused by many ways such as a car accident, slip and fall, sports injury, even a birth injury. Head injuries can lead to high cost medical bills as well. This is why it is important to speak with a brain injury lawyer immediately after an accident.
  • Birth InjuryInjuries to a baby during the delivery can have life altering consequences to the baby, mother and family. If these injuries were caused by the negligence of a doctor or healthcare professional, a birth injury lawyer from the Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law team will fight for compensation that is rightfully owed.
  • DUI Car Accidents: Being involved in a drunk driver car accident can have devastating injuries and sometimes even fatal. It is our duty as a Phoenix personal injury law firm to seek out compensation for those that caused the accident out of negligence.
  • Bicycle Accidents: Being injured in a bike accident can be serious. These accidents often times involve cars, trucks, motorcycles and even buses. Contact a bicycle accident attorney if you have been injured while riding your bike.
  • Nursing Home Abuse: Nursing homes are meant to be a place for elder individuals to live comfortably while they are cared for. Unfortunately, there are situations in which the nursing home staff cause injuries to their patients. This is also known as .
  • Premises Liability: Slip and fall injury, construction defect, robbery, inadequate security, even sexual assault are well known areas of law to a  at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law.
  • Wrongful Death: In the event someone has died due to the negligence of another person or product, an Phoenix wrongful death lawyer is needed to show damages  and loss that can occur.
  • Many other case types

As part of a free, no-obligation consultation, your personal injury lawyer will help you understand your case, your legal rights and what your options are. We use our combined experiences to ensure the responsible party is held accountable for their negligence, whether through settling with the insurance company or a jury verdict.

The Right Compensation for Your Loss

We understand that each car accident, personal injury, or other injuries sustained from the negligence of another, can vary from case to case. Each case will thoroughly be evaluated by our injury law firm. Our long list of past clients and notable settlements are proof of our ability to provide aggressive representation for the highest quality of results.

Represented losses or personal injuries may include:

• Damages
• Lost Wages
• Medical Expenses
• Brain Injury
• Broken Bones
• Back Injury
• Neck Injury
• Other losses or injuries

Top Car Accident & Personal Injury Law Firm with a Solid Reputation

The Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law team has been recognized throughout the legal industry for outstanding work through numerous awards and designations. Our personal injury and accident lawyers have appeared multiple times in the media and television news programs such as those of NBC, Fox, CBS, HLN, ABC and other networks to discuss high profile cases. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law have created a reputation of aggressive representation of clients with the utmost integrity, honesty and respect for the legal system.


Personal injuries and car accident injuries can all differ from each other. The first step is to arrange a free, no-obligation initial consultation with our law firm.

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law has worked hard to create an excellent reputation throughout the Legal Community because of our aggressiveness, integrity, honesty, and professionalism. Many attorneys claim to be aggressive yet they fail to follow through, but the Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law team truly is Beyond Aggressive!!!

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