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$315,000 Premises Liability Settlement

Ms. A was using the public restroom at the defendant’s property.  As she was washing her hands, the sink, which was not properly bolted to the wall, collapsed and shattered all around her.  As a result of the improperly installed sink, Ms. A suffered permanent injuries to her left hand, including laceration to the flexion tendons of the ring finger and small finger, lacerations to the nerves of the middle finger and ring finger, and a three and half inch scar on her left palm.

The defendant’s insurance company disputed liability and the extent of the injuries.  They claimed that Ms. A caused the sink to fall by leaning on the sink.  As a result of the insurance company disputing the claim, Ms. A filed a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner.  The case was resolved at favorably for Ms. A at a private mediation.


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