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5 Tips for Throwing a Successfully Safe BBQ This Summer

Summer BBQ Safety

Summer is just around the corner, and with the new season comes warmer weather, longer days, Saturdays spent by the pool, and the perfect opportunity to grill out with your friends and family. Can’t you just smell the delicious scent of a backyard barbeque? But aside from grilling an incredible summertime feast, what more can you do to make sure you have a successful BBQ?

It’s all about safety! Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the food, décor and having a good time that we can forget we’re even cooking with an open flame. What could be worse than a cooking fire or someone getting burnt? Not much! Plus, you’ll need your hands to cook with – much more difficult if you burn them. So bring on the good food and get ready for a successfully safe cookout this summer by checking out the tips below!

  1. Keep The Grill Away from The House

It’s probably a little obvious why you wouldn’t want to use the grill inside the house, but it also doesn’t hurt to point out how important it is to keep the grill away from the house, out from under any awnings, and away from porch railings. In fact, in many cases, fire codes will tell you to keep your grill at least 10 feet away from any combustible construction.

  1. Keep The Grill Clean

Always remove any fat build-up or grease after grilling. These are both highly flammable, so it’s crucial to cook on a clean grill.

  1. Check for Leaks

If you’re cooking on a gas grill, you’ll be using propane. Because this gas is so flammable, you’ll want to do some routine checks on your grill to make sure there are no leaks, cracks or blockages in the hoses.

  1. Make Sure Everyone Keeps Their Distance

If there’s a sky full of sunshine and beautiful weather, you’ll most likely have some kids or dogs running around the yard – maybe both. It can get a little hectic for everyone, so it’s extremely important to set some boundaries from the beginning. Designate a 3-foot safe-zone around the grill so that the kids know that it’s off limits. Have the other adults try to keep the animals in check while you’re focusing on the food.

  1. Don’t Leave the Grill Unattended

It’s understandable that it would be easy to get distracted socializing or catching up with friends, family and neighbors, but if you’re in charge of the grill, stay in charge. Again, the last thing you need for an awesome summer BBQ is yourself or someone else getting hurt. According to our friends at the Sawaya Law Firm, personal injury attorneys in Greeley, if someone is injured on your property, you could be held liable.

So kick back, relax and have a great time, but while the grill is cooking, keep these safety tips in mind! Be careful, and you’re guaranteed to throw a safe and successful cookout this summer.


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