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Auto Accidents in a Construction Zone

Car Accident in Construction Zone

Construction seems endless on highways, expressways and in major traffic areas, particularly during fair weather seasons. Some roads are under a constant state of repair due to the amount of traffic traveling upon them each day. Other states’ roads undergo reconstruction only occasionally. When roads are under construction, they become more dangerous. This is because erections in the road, truck traffic, construction cones, barrels, decaying ground and machinery can present hazards to drivers. This is why construction zones suffer a greater number of accidents than other areas of road.

When a construction zone car accident occurs, there can be serious injuries and even fatalities. Due to barriers and equipment placement so close to driving lanes, these accidents can also be heavily damaging to vehicles involved in the accident. When a construction zone accident occurs, it is important for those not at fault to gain the help of a personal injury lawyer with experience in construction zone accidents. Such a lawyer can help gain compensation for personal injuries, damages and even death of a loved one in a construction zone accident.

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Construction Zone Accident Causes

When drivers are not paying attention or do not notice lane reductions, slower traffic or other changes to the roads, a collision may result. Narrowed lanes can result in scraping of vehicle sides when the driver is not paying attention or is uncomfortable with the tighter space in which to navigate. Detours can confuse and frustrate drivers, leading to collisions. Obstacles in the road are always a problem for drivers not paying attention, causing accidents. Distracted driving is often to blame for construction zone accidents, just as it is to blame for accidents in other areas. Finally, speeding and not paying attention to construction zone speed adjustments causes many accidents.

Statistics of Construction Zone Accidents

Construction zones are frequently the scene of more accidents than are typical on the road being worked on. Across the country, there are thousands of automobile crashes and other collisions each year in work zones. Since 2011, more than 4,000 construction zone accidents occurred in the United States. Since that time, over 1,500 people have been injured and 20 people died in construction zone accidents.

When larger zones are being reconstructed, these numbers are greatly increased. Bad weather conditions also contribute to road construction accidents, particularly in major metropolitan areas.

Safety Programs

Drivers are encouraged to pay better attention and do their part to decrease fatalities to a goal of zero. When drivers fail to follow proper safety protocols, injury and death often result. Drivers are then liable for these personal injuries due to negligence. Speeding, distracted driving and similar negative actions can result in steep fines.

Many states greatly increase fine amounts and other consequences for moving violations in construction zones. Billboards are often highly visible means used to provide information and tips for staying safe.

Damages for Construction Zone Accidents

When another driver is not using proper precaution or fails to pay attention in a work zone, an accident can easily happen. People who are injured in these accidents can seek damages against the negligent driver. Injured victims are usually able to recover money for medical expenses, lost income, property damage, loss of limb, disfigurement or other disabilities. Pain and suffering is also covered in many cases. When someone dies in such an accident, the victim’s loved ones can pursue damages due to loss of support and loss of companionship.

The government or a construction company may even be to blame for construction zone accidents, as is often the case. Inadequate warning signs to alert drivers to upcoming dangers in the road is just one reason these entities may be pursued as negligent in an accident. In these cases, the government or the construction company may be held liable for financial damages as part of a personal injury claim.

Safety Tips for Road Construction Zones

When driving through construction zones, it is important to be vigilant behind the wheel. Each driver is responsible for safely navigating work zones without causing any harm or damage. Drivers should observe road construction speed, slowing according to posted speed limits and even more so, if needed for safety. Weather conditions must be considered when driving through these zones. Bad weather makes an already dangerous situation even more so. Drivers should keep enough space between themselves and other vehicles, so they have time to react if something goes wrong in the road ahead. Distracted driving should never occur on the road, but particularly so in construction zones. Merging should be done carefully but swiftly and drivers should remain in their lane without making unneeded lane changes.

What Happens When You Are Injured in a Construction Zone Accident

If you are injured in a construction zone accident, you should immediately call a highly experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you gain compensation from involved insurance companies and any other negligent parties. Having a good auto accident lawyer is important because insurance companies work very hard to under-compensate victims of accidents. An experienced lawyer can ensure you get what you deserve, not what these businesses offer at first.

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