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Benefits of Installing New Motorcycle Grips


Summer is the quintessential time of year to hop on your motorcycle and hit the road. Whether you enjoy the thrill of riding the curves of mountainous terrain or the open desolate highway of the West, nothing can beat the roar of the engine and feel all the stress of your day fly away. For many motorcyclists, a busy season requires more upkeep and even the replacement of certain accessories and parts to stay safe and comfortable on the road.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or relatively new to the scene, don’t forget to change out your motorcycle grips; here are some tips:

The Importance of Motorcycle Grips

Motorcycle grips may be one of those accessories you fail to really notice until they start to get worn down or torn and even then, you may ride for a while before replacing them. While motorcycle grips may not seem as important as other components, such as properly inflated tires or brakes, having good grips can be the one thing that makes and keeps you in control.

Think about the last time you were on the road. Maybe you had act fast as a car swerved into your lane or another driver decided to turn at an intersection when it was really your turn. Any motorcyclist will agree that motorcycles are at a greater risk of being involved in an accident with a car because they are “invisible” vehicles on the road. Having good control of your motorcycle is essential and can be the one thing that keeps you from being in accident, that’s why having a good set of grips can make a world of difference.

Not only can motorcycle grips keep you in control, but it can decrease the vibration and shock from flowing up your arms, keeping you more comfortable as you ride and so you can enjoy the ride much longer.

Replacing Motorcycle Grips

If you’re lucky, maybe you’ve never had to replace your grips (or maybe you’ve just been putting it off for a long time). While you could spend the extra money to have it done by a professional, it’s one of those things that is relatively easy to do, as long as you’re patient and have a little time.

  • Choosing Grips: Check out any website or motorcycle shop and you may be overwhelmed by the selection. Motorcycle grips can range anywhere from under or above $100. There’s no right or wrong grip to pick (despite what your fellow bikers may say), it all has to do with what’s comfortable and what will keep you in control.
  • Removing the Old Grips: Before you can remove the old grips, you need to remove the bar ends (these will either pull off or need to be unscrewed). Next, you can either cut the grip off with a razor blade or if you’re planning on reusing the grip, you can use compressed air or a heavy dose of contact cleaner. Before you install your new grips, clean the handlebars. If you leave any residue from the old grips on your handlebars, the new ones may not fit as well as they could (which could interfere with your comfort and control).
  • New Grips: Your new grips should slip right onto the handlebars and don’t forget to put the bar ends back on. Always consult your motorcycle manual before changing your grips and follow any instructions that may come with your grips’ packaging.


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