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Buckeye, Arizona Auto Accidents

Like other areas around Phoenix, Buckeye is experiencing unprecedented growth. In fact, Buckeye is Arizona’s largest city in terms of geographic sprawl, with over 600 square miles of city planning area. The population has been steadily growing to fill these miles, with the present population of 57,500 expected to grow to 313,500 by 2040. Despite being newly named a “city” in 2014 through popular vote, Buckeye is a thriving hub for civic projects and business ventures. Of course, rapid growth and vast expanses of roads mean potential for many auto accidents to occur.

2015 Arizona Auto Accident Statistics

As dangerous as ever before, Arizona’s roads were the scene of many accidents in 2015. According to the ADOT report (Arizona Department of Transportation) annual Arizona Crash Facts Summary, the following is a glimpse into statewide statistics for auto accidents occurring in 2015:

  • 116,609 auto collisions
  • 811 wrecks with fatalities
  • 36,139 injury accidents
  • 94,404 auto accidents occurring in urban areas, such as Buckeye
  • 4,941 DUI-related wrecks
  • 33 percent increase in accidents in 2015, over 2014

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Maricopa County and Buckeye Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

In Maricopa County during 2015 there were 85,269 auto accidents. 521 of these occurred in Buckeye. 381 Maricopa County accidents caused fatalities, 25,933 resulted in injuries and 58,955 caused property damage only. 409 people were killed and 38,569 injured in these wrecks. The county experienced 3,098 drunk driving accidents with 131 people killed and 1,937 injured.

More details of Buckeye’s accidents for 2015 include:

  • 521 accidents
  • 233 injuries resulted from 160 of the wrecks
  • Four people were killed in four fatal accidents
  • 357 accidents caused property damage only
  • 35 drunk driving accidents killed one and injured 16

Fatal Auto Accidents for Buckeye, Arizona

Buckeye residents suffered more fatalities through auto accidents in 2014 than in 2013. There were more vehicles involved in fatal accidents, more people in fatal accidents and more drunk driving-caused fatalities on Buckeye roads in 2014 over 2013. There were fewer pedestrians struck and killed by cars in 2014 than 2013, however.

Below is a quick comparison of motor vehicle accident statistics for 2013 and 2014:

  • Six fatal auto accidents killed seven people in 2014, whereas six fatal auto accidents killed six people in 2013
  • 12 vehicles were involved in fatal accidents in 2014, but only eight in 2013
  • In 2014, drunk drivers caused two fatal accidents, whereas there was one in 2013
  • No pedestrians were killed by cars in 2014, but one was killed in 2013

Where Fatal Car Accidents Happen in Buckeye

Buckeye is an expansive city, covering over 600 square miles. Auto accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. But there are particular areas of greater danger, where a history of fatal auto accidents exists. On these road areas, intersections and crossings, drivers should be more vigilant to ensure they do not also become part of Buckeye’s fatal auto accident history.

Scenes of fatal car accidents in 2013 and 2014 include:

  • On Interstate 10:
    • In May at 4:20pm, a single-car drunk driving accident that killed the driver
    • In July at 7:41am, a three car accident that killed one person
    • In February at 5:24pm, a two vehicle accident that killed one person
    • In February at 1:59am, a one vehicle accident that killed a pedestrian
    • In June at 4:04pm, a one car accident that killed one person
  • On State Road 85:
    • In March at 2:18pm, two vehicles collided, killing two people
    • In August at 5:59pm, a three vehicle accident killed one person
    • In August at 11:56pm, a drunk driving accident with two vehicles killed one person
    • In September at 8:22pm, a two car accident killed one person
  • Drunk driving accidents killed one person each on the following roads:
    • Beloat Road in January at about 3:54pm
    • Interstate 10 in May at 4:20pm
    • State Road 85 at Broadway in August at 11:56pm
  • Intersections where fatalities occurred include:
    • State Road 85 at Hazen Road
    • State Road 85 at Southern Avenue
    • State Road 85 at Broadway Road

Auto Accident Fatalities in Buckeye, Arizona

Buckeye is historically more dangerous for fatal accidents than the rest of the state of Arizona, according to data from 1975 to 2014:

  • For the number of fatal accidents per 100,000 population, Buckeye experiences 838 such wrecks for Arizona’s 525.
  • 832 vehicles are in fatal accidents for every 100,000 people in Arizona, but 1,255 vehicles are in fatal accidents for every 100,000 people in Buckeye.
  • There are 233 drunk driving incidents in the city per 100,000 people, but only 199 in the state for the same population.
  • 996 fatalities occur in Buckeye, but 565 in the state for every 100,000 people.
  • 2,415 people are involved in fatal wrecks in the community, while 1,520 statewide are involved in accidents with fatalities for every 100,000 people.
  • Pedestrians are safer in Buckeye than the rest of the state, however. In the community, 60 people are hit by cars and killed, whereas the state loses 86 lives this way per 100,000 people.

When a Buckeye Auto Accident Occurs

When you are in a Buckeye auto accident, there are things you should remember to do at the scene and following the collision. By doing these things, you will improve your chances of a successful auto accident claim:

  • Do NOT admit any fault in the accident or at the scene
  • Note the accident time and date
  • Observe and note environmental conditions, such as weather
  • Maintain accident records altogether in one place, such as police reports
  • Obtain witness contact info
  • Maintain your insurance declarations
  • Note how the accident occurred
  • Contact a Buckeye personal injury and auto accident attorney as soon as possible
  • DO NOT sign anything from the insurance company before talking to a personal injury and auto accident lawyer
  • Be aware that insurance companies usually try to under-compensate auto accident victims who are not represented by a lawyer
  • Speak to your lawyer BEFORE providing any statements or recordings for insurance companies
  • Do not feel rushed by insurance companies

Arizona Car Accidents by Month

Getting the Help You Need after a Buckeye Auto Accident

It is always expensive to be in an auto accident. Unfortunately, an accident is not something you can really plan for and most people are not financially prepared to absorb associated costs. You can suffer high medical bills for months and even years to come after an auto accident, so it is important that you have quality representation through an experienced auto accident attorney.

When an auto accident occurs in Buckeye, someone is likely at fault or negligent, with responsibility for your damages and injuries. Whether a faulty auto part caused your accident, a distracted driver hit you or some other cause led to the collision, the at-fault party(ies) owe you compensation for your expenses.

What a Personal Injury and Auto Accident Lawyer Does

When you are not at fault for an auto accident, a personal injury and auto accident lawyer will help you gain the compensation you are owed. That compensation may include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Laboratory fees
  • Imaging studies, such as MRIs and CT scans
  • Prescriptions
  • Over-the-counter medication
  • Injury rehab
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost income
  • Property damage
  • Auto rental
  • Towing and storage fees
  • Other damages

To get the help you need toward compensation for your damages, your first step is to speak with an auto accident attorney. The attorneys of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law will provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your auto accident claim, so you can learn more about the next steps involved in your case and how having an experienced lawyer will help you. As a client of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law, you will be guided through your claim process by attorneys who will handle common issues for you, such as:

  • Determination of fault
  • Insurance company communications
  • Compensation for personal injury and damages
  • Government liability
  • Structured settlements

Your claim is most likely affected by statutes of limitations. These limitations usually range between six and 24 months from the accident time, for filing of your claim. Your Buckeye car accident lawyer will help you understand these rules and other specifics of your legal case.

Skilled Auto Accident Lawyers Handle Your Case

The personal injury lawyers of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law handle all types of auto accident claims. The firm’s lawyers are highly respected and reputable, having successfully represented clients of the following types of accidents:

  • Single car accidents
  • Multi-car collisions
  • Semi-truck accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle wrecks
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • ATV accidents
  • Boat accidents

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You are likely feeling very stressed after your auto accident, particularly if you have suffered injuries, cannot work or must gain compensation for major property damage. Whether you are in Buckeye or other parts of Arizona, having the most experienced auto accident attorneys on your side matters when it counts most. Insurance companies usually try to intimidate accident victims into making quick decisions for lower compensation than they should be paid. When you have a reputable and skilled Buckeye car accident lawyer on your claim, the insurance companies know their tactics will not work and they must pay you what you are owed for injuries, property damage and other expenses.

You will not be responsible for legal fees unless your Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law attorney wins or settles your auto accident claim. Call us today at 602-691-7278 for your free, no-obligation auto accident consultation.

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