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Car Accident Lawyer for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Vehicle Accidents in Arizona involving motor vehicles such cars, motorcycles, trucks (both personal and commercial), and buses make up a vast majority of serious car accidents on Arizona roads and highways. Such accidents may be the result of errors such as driving miscalculations, improper traffic control devices, poor roadway design, vehicle design or tire defects.

Motor accidents can be a probable result of any of these causes. It may be a simple task to identify possible causes of a motor vehicle accident, however, it may also be very complicated (i.e. requiring assistance from accident re-constructionists, engineers, or other types of qualified experts).

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law has highly trained car accident lawyers in Phoenix that will use all of its tools and resources to aid in getting you the absolute best settlement possible. We can also refer proper medical treatment.

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In addition, each  car accident lawyer will assist with helpful services, such as vehicle rental and liens for medical payment to assure that you do not pay any out-of-pocket costs until your case is concluded.

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How a Car Accident Lawyer can help with Medical Bills

Medical bills after a car accident often can exceed six figures if there was extended hospitalization with physical and vocational rehabilitation following an accident. Payment of high medical bills is often the accident victim’s family’s main priority. In often cases when another person caused the injury, that person’s insurance Adjuster will approach you to offer a settlement as soon as possible after the injury. Such settlements most likely include “paying all of the medical bills”.

Because of the fact that you are being offered compensation at an early time in the process, it may be tempting to accept the settlement. However, immediate settlements might not adequately cover the cost of years of life care that follow vocational training, which are necessary following the immediate hospital stay. Do not ever sign settlement papers with an adjuster before you speak with a qualified, experienced Arizona car accident lawyer – you might get ripped off!

Remember, serious injury cases are different than other types of cases. Do not simply settle for “X” amount times the medical bills, as medical bills from comatose and severely injured victims can continue to increase long after the car accident. Victims might still need medical care for possibly years to follow.

If you are contacted by an insurance company’s defense lawyer suggesting you settle for “X amount times the medical bills” or an insurance Adjuster, contact Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law as soon as possible. Don’t settle for less than you deserve!

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In most cases, calculations for pain and suffering compensation are bundled with loss of employment and any potential damages to a victim’s family life. In order to properly ascertain the overall effects of an accident, you must comprehend how the accident affects the victim in the long run. At Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law, we focus not only on treating your injuries, but also your life care, possible job loss, and family life damages as well. Juries often award more compensation for pain and suffering than any other damages combined. The most common reason for this is that while most people’s future earning capabilities may exceed 1-2 million dollars over their lifetime, no amount of money can justify a life of constant pain. Even if a less serious injury lets the victim be employed, their work and social lives can still be affected, and even their happiness.

Life care costs are mainly defined as future medical costs, but also the cost of services such as rehabilitation treatments and home care. In many instances, family members may end up being responsible for “in home” care. However, this care is not free, or without cost. Having a family member care for an accident victim can be even more taxing than hiring an outside person to handle the needs. Family members may be forced to work less or possibly even quit their jobs in order to care for the injured person. This can also create stress by having to monitor someone else at all times.

When it comes to caring for someone that has been involved in an accident, it is paramount that you locate the right legal experts who will aid you in obtaining the best compensation possible.

Employment Damages after a Car accident

When dealing with any injury case, employment damages must also be calculated. After a severe accident, a person may lose crucial job qualifications to perform the tasks they were capable of before the accident. Even if they may be able to find a job in a different field, such secondary choices may pay much less than their prior workplace. The most severe cases, and even not severe cases, can leave the victim completely incapable of working whatsoever. The effect of certain injuries may be less noticeable. Victims may find a job, but lose it later due to their injuries.

Even a minor physical injury can shorten a victim’s employment lifespan. Before calculating damages, the amount of money a person made prior to the accident and what they would have made in their lifetime had the injury not occurred. Both what the victim makes at the time of the accident and what they may lose in their working career must be looked at. Victims may have a shorter working career after an injury, and that too must be taken into account.

One method that a skilled Arizona Car Accident Lawyer often uses to get a true number is by using a multiplier that accounts for inflation and any increases in the market value of the victim’s prior occupation. It is necessary to have the proper expert use their skill to calculate such future losses.

This figure may not be the largest amount asked for when damages are calculated. However, it is the most understandable amount for the typical person. Most jurors will be able to understand that the victim will lose “X” amount of money over the course of their lifetime, and the victim, nor their family, would receive. Combined with high cost medical bills and the estimated life care costs, the pain and suffering award can be greatly compensated.

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Every car accident attorney at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law is very knowledgeable and highly trained in a wide range of laws and regulations. Each lawyer emphasizes research, thereby assuring that they know and understand the most current information regarding Arizona Personal Injury Law. We have earned a legendary reputation throughout the legal industry due to our professionalism, integrity, honesty, and aggressiveness. Our lawyers have represented clients in over 200 jury trials in cases of all types, and our lawyers have many years of combined experience!

While other attorneys claim to be aggressive, they fail to deliver on that claim. Bring your case to us and we will show you that the Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law team is truly Beyond Aggressive!!

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