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Contract & Business Disputes

Legally speaking, an injury does not necessarily involve physical harm to a person. In fact, an injury may not directly involve any one person. It may instead be economic in nature and related to a breach of contract or some other business dispute.

Damages stemming from business-type injuries are calculated differently than physical injuries. The remedy to a business dispute may come in the form of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), which requires the responsible party to stop whatever it was doing to cause the harm. Alternatively, the remedy may require the party to complete actions that were previously promised. Other remedies involve what are known as “equitable estoppel” and “quantum meruit” principles, which require a reasonable compensation for a contract that has not been completed.

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Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law handles both contract and business disputes quickly and efficiently resolving the problems of our clients and allowing them to return to their business activities. The Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law team has completed more than 200 jury trials involving all types of cases. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law lawyers are “Beyond Aggressive” and will go beyond the standard tactics of other attorneys to help secure the highest possible settlement.

When you turn to Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law, you will be treated not only as a client but as a friend in need. If you or a loved one are involved in a business dispute or have experienced what you believe is a contract breach, contact Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law today. You can call us at our office at (602) 691-7278 or click here to Contact Our Firm and email us directly.

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