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Just How Important Are Seatbelts, Really?

Seatbelts (seat belts, seat-belts, whatever you might call them. I’ll refer to all three) were created to help ensure that no one was injured in a car accident. These restraint systems were put in vehicles dating back to the 50’s. On countless occasions, these systems have proven that they can help reduce the number of injuries sustained in an accident. Even with all of the amazing benefits in these systems, countless individuals still do not use them.

Seatbelt Use Has Dropped

The NHTSA continues to promote the use of these seatbelts. The National Occupant Protection Use Survey completed in 2011 shows that the number of people who are using seat belts is declining along the western edge of the United States. This was also observed with individuals who were traveling during rush hour in the week. The numbers dropped from 86 percent back in 2010 down to 83 percent in 2011. The survey is conducted every year for the NHTSA to see just how many people are using the seat-belts in their vehicle.

If seatbelts are meant to save your life and prevent injuries, why is it that so many people are refusing to wear them? What could cause people to refrain from using a seat belt and put their life on the line so frequently? In all honesty, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. When you have something that can help to save your life, you should use it. For some, they simply don’t like the way a seat-belt feels. Others aren’t able to get the seatbelt around their body. Whatever the reason, you need to focus on changing things around and using a seat belt on a regular basis. It is far better to wear a seat belt and save your life than it is to look cool or be comfortable.

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Seatbelt Usage is Nationally Declining

Studies also showed that three out of four regions in the country have declined in terms of seatbelt usage. The Midwest is the only part of the country where there is an increase in usage of 2 percent. People who live in the South and Northeast tends to have the lowest number of usage at just 80 percent. People in the Western regions of the US are among the highest of all users at a whopping 93 percent.

It makes you wonder why certain areas of the country are more prone to buckling up than others. It isn’t like one area is filled with teens while another is filled with older individuals. Regardless of whether you are in the South or you are in the Midwest, you are going to find a mixture of individuals. Because of this, it doesn’t always make sense why some states are more prone to buckle up while others are quick to throw it aside. The thing is that the country needs to work on getting more people to wear their seatbelts at all times. Not only will it save your life, but it might save the life of someone you know.

NHTSA is Promoting Seatbelt Use

Because of the changing trends in seatbelt usage, the NHTSA is really vamping its seat belt awareness programs. One of the main programs that was recently initiated is the “Click-It or Ticket” program. To make sure that the program is properly implemented, law enforcement agencies are being asked to help the NHTSA. They have already prepared the Products for Enforcement Action Kit which is designed to help law enforcement officers be able to implement all of the new strategies into action.

Understanding Your Role as a Citizen

You might not realize it, but you can do your part to help the cause. You can promote the importance of wearing a seatbelt by participating in any number of information drives that are focused on informing people about how important it is to buckle their seat-belts. To find out more, all you have to do is visit the NHTSA website and look at some of the different programs they have available to promote safety on the road. By following the tips outlined on the website and obeying all of the local traffic laws, you can ensure you are safe and secure wherever you go.

The best thing you can do to ensure the campaign is a success is to buckle yourself up each and every time you are in the vehicle. Make sure anyone who rides in the vehicle with you is buckled up as well. By doing so, you can make sure you are safe and so are all of the people that you care about the most. This will also save you on having to go out and hire a car accident lawyer to handle your case for you when you end up injured after being in a car accident. Save yourself the hassle and the stress by buckling up.


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