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Gilbert Car Accident Lawyer

Gilbert, Arizona offers residents and visitors the conveniences of city living along with the beauty for which Arizona is known. Named a Best Place to Live by CNN and Money Magazine, Gilbert is also ranked as the 2nd Safest City in the United States. But no matter how safe Gilbert is, drivers in this town need to always remain aware that they can be in a car accident, just as drivers in other communities. Such a car accident can cause injuries, extensive property damage and even death.

Statistics of Arizona Auto Accidents

Auto accident statistics for Arizona’s roads indicate that 2015 was as dangerous as previous years have been for drivers in the state. Despite advancement of auto design and safety technologies, there will continue to be auto accidents.

Below is a glimpse into the reality of car accidents in Arizona, according to 2015 statistics from the Arizona Crash Facts Summary of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT):

  • 116,609 auto accidents in Arizona
  • 811 accidents included fatalities
  • 36,139 people were injured in auto accidents
  • 94,404 accidents occurred in urban areas like Gilbert
  • 4,941 wrecks are attributable to drunk driving
  • 2015 had 6.33 percent more wrecks than 2014

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Car Accident Statistics for Maricopa County and Gilbert

In Maricopa County, where Gilbert is located, there were 85,269 auto accidents in 2015. Of these collisions on the state’s roads, 2,835 crashes happened in Gilbert. Almost three percent of all of the county’s auto accident fatalities happened in the community.

Gilbert was the scene for 10 accidents with fatalities in 2015. Overall, the community experienced 2,835 wrecks, 711 with injuries and 2,114 with property damage only. All of Maricopa County combined had 25,933 accidents involving injuries, with 38,569 people suffering those injuries. Sadly, 409 people died in Maricopa traffic accidents, as part of 381 collisions.

Below are Gilbert’s traffic accident specifics for 2015:

  • 2,835 accidents
  • 1,056 injuries resulted from 711 wrecks
  • 2,114 wrecks only resulted in property damage
  • 10 accidents were fatal, with 11 deaths total
  • 92 drunk driving accidents killed three people and injured 46

Historic Trends for Gilbert Auto Accidents

Gilbert roadways were the scene of more fatal accidents in 2014 than in 2013. There were also more vehicles involved in these accidents, more drunk driving incidents, more people killed and more passengers involved in the accidents causing fatalities. The only improvement in statistics of car accidents in Gilbert for 2014 over 2013 was the improved occurrence of pedestrian-involved auto accidents. No pedestrians were killed in 2014, compared to three killed in 2013.

Gilbert’s motor vehicle accident statistics for 2013 and 2014 include:

  • Eight fatal auto accidents killed 10 people in 2014
  • Six fatal auto accidents killed six people in 2013
  • In 2014, five wrecks were attributable to drunk drivers, whereas only two were in 2013
  • Three pedestrians were killed by cars in 2013, but zero were killed in 2014

Gilbert Auto Accidents Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime

Gilbert auto accidents can happen anywhere in the community at any time. This means that drivers should be alert whenever they are operating their vehicle, paying attention to not just their own driving, but how others around them are driving, as well. No one is safe from the risk of a car collision, injuries from the collision, property damage or even death when in a motor vehicle.

Accidents involving drunk drivers are believed by some to occur mostly at night, on holidays or in the dark. But this is not always the case. A drunk driver can injure or kill someone no matter what time of day it is. In fact, one drunk driving incident in Gilbert in 2014 occurred just as area schools were letting out kids.

In Gilbert since 1994, fatal accidents have most often occurred in April and the fall months of September, October and November. April and October suffer a 250 to 300 percent greater chance that Gilbert drivers will be in a fatal accident than many other months of the year.

The safest months in Gilbert are January, March, May, August and December, with each only averaging seven or eight fatal accidents since 1994.

Mondays are by far the safest days of the week for driving in Gilbert without involvement in a fatal car crash. The worst day for fatalities on the road is Sunday, with 420 percent more fatal accidents in the mornings than on Mondays and 200 percent more fatalities in the afternoons than Monday afternoons.

Where Car Accidents in Gilbert Happen the Most

Gilbert, referred to as one of the best places to live in Arizona, is expected to grow at a rapid pace, thanks in part to being named the second safest place to live in the U.S. and part of the “top” lists of CNN and Money Magazine. As the community grows, state and county workers will work hard to ensure drivers are aware of problematic intersections, dangerous roadways and hazardous crossings throughout the city. Accidents can certainly happen anywhere and at any time. But knowing on which roads or intersections there tend to be more accidents can help drivers remain even more vigilant when they are in those parts of the city.

Fatal car accidents in Gilbert during 2014 were on the following roads:

  • On Val Vista Drive:
    • At the intersection with Mesquite Street, in February on a Sunday at 10:33pm
    • At Lakeside Drive, in a September, on a Tuesday evening rush hour at 5:13pm
  • On State Road 202:
    • Two vehicle accident with four people involved, two individuals were killed
  • Drunk driving accidents killed people on the following roads:
    • Wade Drive at Vest Avenue at 3:45pm in February on a Wednesday
    • Val Vista Drive at Mesquite Street at 10:33pm on a February Sunday
    • State Road 202 in May on a Sunday morning at 1:48am, with two drunk drivers and two fatalities
    • Elliot Road at McQueen Road on the day before Thanksgiving at 3:13a.m., where two people were killed
  • Intersections where fatalities occurred include:
    • Wade Drive at Vest Avenue
    • Val Vista Drive at Mesquite Street
    • Val Vista Drive at Lakeside Drive
    • Baseline Road at Driftwood Drive
    • Lindsay Road at Sassafras Street
    • Elliot Road at McQueen Road
    • Baseline Road at Recker Road

Auto Accident Injuries and Deaths

Gilbert, AZ is statistically much safer than the rest of Arizona’s average number of deadly auto accidents per year. Less than half the number of fatal accidents occur per 100,000 people each year in Gilbert, as compared to the statistics for the whole state of Arizona.

According to averages, fewer vehicles are involved in deadly auto accidents in Gilbert each year than throughout the rest of Arizona, too. In 2014, other cities averaged 13.5 cars, SUVs and trucks involved in fatal accidents per 100,000 residents. Gilbert vehicles were only involved in fatal accidents at the average rate of 6.7 autos for every 100,000 residents. This is better than even nearby Chandler.

In 2014, Gilbert residents were on par with the average number of drunk drivers involved in fatal accidents per 100,000 people. This means that for every 100,000 people, 2.1 Gilbert citizens were involved in a deadly drunk driving accident. This is the first time since 2004 that Gilbert was consistent with the state’s average number of drunk drivers for the population. 2014 was also only the second time since 1998 that so many drunk drivers were involved in fatal accidents per 100,000 people in Gilbert. Most years since 1998 had seen less than one person per 100,000 in Gilbert being involved in a drunk driving fatal accident.

When You Are Not at Fault in a Gilbert Car Accident

Being in an auto accident is a stressful event, with the scene of an accident being chaotic at best. When you are in an auto accident, it is important to ensure you gather the information you need to have the best possible chance of successful attainment of compensation for your injuries and damages. When an accident happens, try to remember to do the following:

  • Make note of the date and accident time
  • Write details of the weather conditions and other accident scene observations
  • Keep concise accident records, including police reports, receipts for expenses and other information
  • Write down witness contact information and statements on the scene
  • Maintain your insurance declarations
  • Take notes about how the accident happened
  • Call a Gilbert car accident lawyer as soon as possible, even while you are on the scene waiting for police
  • Until you talk to a personal injury lawyer, DO NOT sign anything from the insurance company
  • Know that insurance companies will try to under-compensate victims of accidents
  • Speak to Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law auto accident attorneys BEFORE providing any recorded statements or information to insurance companies
  • Do not feel rushed to make a decision, by insurance companies

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What a Gilbert Car Accident Lawyer Will Do for You

Being in an auto accident can be expensive and can cause major financial issues for months and even years after the accident. You and your loved ones can suffer from accident-related costs and other damages. To gain the maximum compensation you deserve and need for property damage or injuries, ensure you call a reputable and skilled auto accident attorney.

Such an attorney will guide you throughout the legal claim process, helping you through each step to getting the settlement or judgment you need. Auto accidents are usually another driver’s fault or that of a negligent company and those parties need to provide compensation for the expenses you otherwise would not have suffered.

When a car accident is not your fault, you can gain several types of compensation. Below are some forms of damages that can be gained from a successful claim:

  • Hospital expenses
  • Prescription drugs
  • Over-the-counter analgesics and other medications
  • Accident-related medical expenses
  • Rehab center costs for physical injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income
  • Property damage
  • Towing and storage fees
  • Loss of consortium
  • Auto rental
  • Other damages

The first step to getting the help you need for your Gilbert auto accident case is to speak with a lawyer as part of a free, no-obligation case consultation. The lawyers of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law will provide this for you and will also handle:

  • Determination of fault
  • Insurance company processes
  • Personal injury and damages compensation
  • Government liability
  • Property damage
  • Structured settlements

There are likely statutes of limitations governing your Gilbert, Arizona auto accident claim. These are usually between six and 24 months from the accident date. We will help you understand these statutes and other rights when you speak with them about your auto accident injury case.

Skilled Personal Injury Attorneys Work Hard for You

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law accident attorneys handle all types of auto accident claims. The firm’s trained attorneys often handle car accident cases involving:

  • Single car accidents
  • Multiple car accidents
  • Semi-truck accidents
  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrians
  • ATVs

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