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Gilbert Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Hire a Gilbert Personal Injury Lawyer

It is common for people to believe that Gilbert personal injury lawyers only handle cases of auto accidents that result in physical or mental injuries. Instead, these lawyers handle a wide variety of claims that are not related to car accidents, at all. Some of the types of cases that Gilbert personal injury attorneys handle include:

The list above does not include all of the types of injuries that can happen, nor the full list of claims that Gilbert personal injury lawyers can handle. Injuries can occur anywhere, anytime. When injuries occur, they are often due to the fault or negligence of another party. Personal injury lawyers represent cases centered on injuries suffered due to the actions or negligence of a person, business or other entity.

If you have been injured, speak to a Gilbert personal injury lawyer.

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Role of Negligence in Gilbert Personal Injury Law

When someone fails to act with reason and care in regard to another party, that is called negligence. In provision of a service or in the community, people and entities must act, serve or behave toward others in accordance to a minimum standard of care, called a “duty of care.” The basic foundation of a personal injury case is the negligence of one party or their failure to comply with the duty of care, when that negligence causes injury.

A personal injury lawyer in Gilbert will first evaluate the case circumstances to determine whether financial damages can be recovered due to negligence. This means that there must be evidence of negligence, injury and other damages for the case to gain money through a court decision or settlement. Because the plaintiff holds burden of proof in a personal injury case, evidence plays a critical role.

How a Gilbert Personal Injury Attorney Succeeds for Your Case

It is always best to gain the help and guidance of an experienced Gilbert personal injury attorney for your case, although a variety of specialized lawyers can process your claim. This is advisable because personal injury lawyers have spent many years focusing on cases like yours and possess a wealth of knowledge, vast experience and the investigative resources needed to ensure the strongest possible case.

For example, a general attorney may be able to help you gain $50,000 as an award for your claim. But a reputable and highly experienced personal injury lawyer who has a solid track record with these types of cases and in dealing with insurance companies could get $100,000 or more for the same case in the same circumstances. For the best outcome, having a personal injury lawyer is the right choice.

Some lawyers will offer to reduce their fees to win your business. But even a reduced fee from a general practice lawyer will eat up most of your case settlement or compensation through trial. This is because a general practice lawyer does not possess the experience or reputation required for the strongest Arizona personal injury claim. Reduced lawyer’s fees for an attorney not experienced enough just do not pay off.

Why Personal Injury Cases Are Needed

Personal injury cases play an important role because they help victims of accidents gain compensation for the injuries they have suffered. The Arizona Law Offices of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law handle Gilbert personal injury claims for those who have suffered injury and other damages in accidents. Personal injury categories Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law handles claims for include:

  • Birth injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Brain damage
  • Product liability
  • Business and contract disputes
  • Personal injury
  • Dental malpractice
  • Nursing home injury or elder abuse
  • Government liability cases
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Medical malpractice

Even the simplest of personal injury cases can provide compensation for people who have suffered lasting injury or disability due to negligence. Settlement amounts most often range between $25,000 and over $1 million. The most critical considerations toward settlement include:

♦ Medical Bills

Medical expenses quickly become too much for injured victims to handle on their own. Many such people are billed for over $100,000 for one accident, particularly when their injuries require a lengthy hospital stay or physical rehabilitation. Although such costs can be very high, it is important that victims pay their medical bills quickly to avoid collections and extensive credit damage. But this need to quickly cover medical expenses often leads to victim acceptance of less money from the insurance company than they should receive.

When another party is at fault or negligent in an accident, the insurance adjuster will try to quickly resolve the matter by visiting the victim soon after the accident. They hope to catch injured victims before full assessment of injuries and costs has occurred. Adjusters tend to make the claim that a proposed settlement will cover all medical expenses. But the reality is much different. Their amount will often not cover life care, vocational training or other costs accrued throughout the rest of your lifetime due to your accident injuries.

Although it can be tempting to “sign first and ask questions later” when it comes to insurance settlements, especially when the dollar figure appears to be higher than your bills, you should never sign without talking to a personal injury lawyer. When you have a personal injury lawyer on your side, they can ensure your best interests are met. Until you do have a lawyer, do not trust an insurance adjuster to provide enough for you.

♦ Life Care

Life care includes medical expenses, rehab and in-home care for the rest of your lifetime. This is true even when a family member will be providing home care for you.

Family members should be compensated when they provide care or services for you, as an outside provider would be paid to provide. This is because your loved ones doing these things are paying a personal price for their time and efforts. They will not be able to use that time for themselves and lose some freedom in their own lives because they must care for you. If your loved one is taking care of you in the home, they also cannot pursue outside employment for as many hours as they can when not being responsible for these duties. There may also be a point in your lives when they need a break from this duty and a care provider or nurse is needed to handle your needs.

To protect your future, it is very important that you have the right personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will use expert testimonies to ensure involved parties and a trial jury understand the full cost of your injuries for the rest of your life. This will help you get the compensation you deserve.

♦ Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages are paid as compensation for the lifelong impact you and your family will feel that would not have been an issue, had you not been injured. This is often the largest amount contributing to the total compensation in a personal injury case. This is because of the enormous impact injuries effect on your life and those of your loved ones. You may be at risk for losing a lifetime of income, or must take lower level work that pays less to just survive. You could also be living in constant pain, suffer a lower IQ after the accident, or exist in a vegetative state. Because one or more of these issues can lower the quality of your life significantly, pain and suffering damages are well justified as part of a personal injury case.

♦ Employment Damages

Employment damages are often calculated by a specialist, if these amounts are not straightforward. This compensation can be gained when an accident victim can no longer work in the same type of position as before the accident or cannot work as much as they used to before being injured. Sometimes victims are able to gain different jobs, but lower wages may result from the necessary post-injury job change. If you can work after your accident, you are among the lucky ones. Many people cannot work at all after a major injury. When the injury is suffered by people attending college or new to their career, this amount can also be calculated by a specialist to help determine what would have been earned in the future as part of normal career trajectory.

In many cases, the personal injury victim tries to go back to work. Despite their good faith and honest effort, they are not able to keep their job or cannot gain promotions because of their injuries. A skilled personal injury lawyer can see how the accident has affected earning capacity and will work hard to ensure they do not lose their expected career earnings to their injuries. These amounts are included in employment losses for a legal claim.

People who have been injured may also suffer a shorter span of employment in their lifetime. They often must retire earlier than they would have, because injuries take a toll and reduce their longevity in their career field. This must be considered in your personal injury case, to ensure damages are correct. Inflation is often factored into the total figure, just as market value of occupations are projected for the future.

Vocational experts are usually best at helping jurors to understand future employment losses. These experts improve awareness of injury impact on lifelong earnings and losses experienced for the long term by victims and their families. It is never fair for a family to suffer lifestyle changes because one member of the family suffered an accident that was someone else’s fault or due to others’ negligence.

When it comes to personal hopes and dreams, juries understand the impact of losing a fulfilling career life. They know their role is to help ensure the victim is compensated as they would have been if the accident had not happened. When you work with a skilled personal injury lawyer, you gain invaluable experience and knowledge of that lawyer in dealing with the insurance companies. This is why many cases are settled out of court relatively quickly.

If you have been injured, speak to a Gilbert personal injury lawyer.

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The Help You Need for Your Gilbert Personal Injury Case

The Gilbert attorneys of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law are experienced in winning personal injury cases. Our lawyers use their talents, skill and experience to fight for your rights and those of your family. This will ensure the highest possible settlement is gained and will help with medical liens and treatment costs, so expenses do not damage your family’s financial future.

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