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Glendale Car Accident Lawyer

Glendale, Arizona Auto Accidents

Glendale, Arizona is one of the West Valley’s gems, even called one of the country’s ten best places for shopping by USA Today and Sunset Magazine. Whether going shopping, dining out, enjoying a festival or attending an Arizona Cardinals game, area residents are never without somewhere to go or something to do. With so many people out and about doing things in Glendale, the community is often the scene of auto accidents. As Glendale grows and continues to develop, the number of accidents and potential for catastrophic traffic incidents will only increase.

Arizona State Auto Accident Statistics

Throughout the state in 2015, Arizona’s roads proved as dangerous as previous years for auto accidents. Even though cars are becoming safer and “smarter,” there continue to be many vulnerabilities in automobile transportation for drivers and passengers. These vulnerabilities, ranging from human error to manufacturing defects, can cause serious car accidents that lead to property damage, injuries and even death.

The Arizona Department of Transportation’s Arizona Crash Facts Summary has published the following crash statistics for 2015:

  • There were 116,609 auto accidents in Arizona
  • 811 accidents caused at least one death each
  • 36,139 accidents caused injuries
  • 94,404 collisions occurred in urban settings like Glendale
  • 4,941 wrecks were caused by drunk driving
  • There was a 6.33 percent increase in accidents in 2015, over 2014

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Glendale Auto Accident Statistics

In 2015 Maricopa County, the home of Glendale, was the scene of 85,269 auto accidents. Of these collisions, 5,007 crashes happened in Glendale. Almost six percent of the county’s fatal car wrecks happened in the City of Glendale.

In Glendale, there were 22 wrecks with fatalities, 1,468 collisions causing injuries and 3,517 that led to property damage only. Throughout Maricopa County there were 25,933 injury-related accidents, with 38,569 people requiring medical attention. Sadly, 381 Maricopa County accidents led to fatalities with 409 people being killed.

Glendale’s traffic accidents in 2015 included:

  • 5,007 accidents
  • 2,202 injuries resulted from 1,468 accidents
  • 3,517 collisions resulted in property damage only
  • 22 accidents were fatal, with 24 people killed
  • 186 DUI accidents killed 13 and injured 124 people

Glendale, Arizona Auto Accident Historic Trends

Glendale drivers experienced fewer deaths from auto accidents and fewer fatal crashes in 2014, versus 2013. Drunk driving fatalities decreased and there were fewer people involved in fatal auto accidents in 2014, as well. But 2014 resulted in a 19 percent increase over 2013 in pedestrian deaths due to auto accidents.

Below is a quick comparison of motor vehicle accident statistics for 2013 and 2014:

  • 17 fatal collisions killed 17 people in 2014
  • 20 fatal collisions killed 22 people in 2013
  • In 2014, two fatal drunk driving accidents occurred in Glendale, whereas there were five in 2013, for a 60 percent improvement from one year to the next
  • Nine pedestrians were killed in auto accidents in 2013, with 11 killed in 2014

Times and Days When Glendale Auto Accidents Occur

Glendale auto accidents can happen at any time of day, any day of the week. As statistics indicate, there is never an entirely safe time to get behind the wheel. Drivers must always remain vigilant and do everything they can to avoid being in a car accident, whenever and wherever they drive.

Since 1994, Glendale’s fatal accidents have more frequently occurred in October and December than other months of the year. April, May and August are the historically safest months for drivers in the community.

Safest days for driving in Glendale are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with Tuesday mornings being the least likely time period for residents and others on the city’s roads to be involved in a fatal accident. Tuesday afternoon is also the least likely afternoon of the week for a fatal wreck to occur, as statistics from 1994 through present day indicate.

Where Glendale’s Car Accidents Happen

Glendale is an active community with many events and activities happening at all times. As the population increases, regional and state governments work to ensure drivers remain aware of problem intersections, roads and crossings where accidents tend to occur. Although a deadly accident can happen anywhere and at any time, knowing where the worst accidents occur in the city can help you remain more aware when driving on those roads.

Glendale Car Accident Lawyer MapScenes of fatal auto accidents in Glendale during 2014 include:

  • Glendale Avenue:
    • A single-car accident killing a pedestrian in January at 8:01pm
    • A single-car accident killing a pedestrian in July at 7:13pm
    • A single-car drunk driving accident in December at 2:20am, killing the driver
  • Bethany Home Road:
    • A single-car accident killing a pedestrian in January at 7:07am
    • A single-car accident killing a pedestrian in March at 8:00pm
    • A single-car accident killing one person in April at 11:13pm
  • Peoria Avenue:
    • Two vehicle accident with two people involved, killing one of the drivers at 5:35pm in April
    • Two vehicle accident with three people involved, killing one at 9:28pm in May
  • Drunk driving accidents killed one person each on the following roads:
    • Glendale Road in December at 2:20am
    • Glen Harbor Boulevard in December at 2:54am
  • Intersections where fatalities occurred include:
    • Olive Avenue at 61st Avenue
    • Peoria Avenue at 63rd Avenue
    • Bethany Home Road at 60th Avenue
    • Thunderbird Road at 52nd Drive
    • Northern Avenue at 49th Avenue

Injuries and Deaths Caused by Auto Accidents

Glendale tends to remain on par with the rest of Arizona for the average number of fatal auto accidents per 100,000 population each year. Twice in the past two decades Glendale has actually exceeded the statewide average by one additional person fatally injured per 100,000 population, in 2000 and again in 2011.

The city also tends to remain on par with the state for the number of vehicles involved in fatal auto accidents per 100,000 residents each year. This state average is also occasionally exceeded by the city’s fatal accidents. In Glendale, the number of vehicles involved in fatal crashes per 100,000 people exceeded the state average in five years since 1994.

Consistency with state averages per 100,000 population continues for Glendale auto accidents, in the categories of fatal drunk driving accidents per 100,000 people, fatalities per 100,000 people and number of people involved in fatal accidents per 100,000 population.

Since 2010, Glendale residents have suffered more pedestrians killed per 100,000 people than the state averages. 2010 was a particularly bad year for pedestrians, with 2.6 more people fatally injured per 100,000 population than the average experienced throughout Arizona.

When You Are in a Glendale Auto Accident

It can be extremely stressful to be in an auto accident in Glendale or anywhere else in Arizona. The scene of an accident can be particularly chaotic. But even during the crisis, it is important to try to remember to collect certain information. When a car accident happens in Glendale, try to obtain the following information to ensure your best chance of gaining the compensation you deserve:

  • Make note of accident time and date
  • Observe details of weather conditions and other circumstances, making notes of these
  • Keep an accident record file, including police reports and other information
  • Gain witness contact details and statements
  • Maintain your insurance declarations
  • Take notes regarding the accident’s cause and sequence of events
  • Call a Glendale personal injury and auto accident attorney as soon as you can
  • DO NOT sign anything from the insurance company until you speak with a Glendale car accident lawyer
  • Be aware that insurance companies will generally try to under-compensate you
  • Speak to Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law BEFORE providing any details or recorded statements for insurance companies
  • Do not feel rushed by insurance companies to come to decisions

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When You Are in a Glendale Auto Accident: Getting the Help You Need

Anytime you are in an auto accident, you will have many expenses to deal with and can even suffer financial problems due to these expenses. You and your family may suffer because of these costs. This is why it is so important to ensure you have the help and guidance of a reputable, highly experienced personal injury and auto accident attorney. There are many car accident case stages that your lawyer will help with by ensuring you gain every penny you deserve from the insurance companies of the parties responsible for your auto accident.

How a Glendale Accident Lawyer Can Help

When you are not at fault for a car accident, you can gain compensation with the help of an experienced attorney. That compensation may include help for the following accident-related costs:

  • Hospital bills
  • Prescriptions
  • OTC medication
  • High medical bills
  • Injury rehab services
  • Lost income
  • Property damage
  • Auto rental
  • Towing charges
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Other damages

To get the help and compensation you need, the first step is to contact an auto accident lawyer in the Glendale area for a free, no-obligation case consultation. The experienced auto accident lawyers of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law will provide this for you.

As a Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law client, you can expect to be guided through your claim process and have common issues of car accidents skillfully handled for you, such as:

  • Fault determination
  • Dealings with the insurance companies and through the claims process
  • Compensation for personal injury and damages
  • Government liability
  • Property damage
  • Structured settlements

Statutes of limitations may affect your auto accident case in Glendale, Arizona. These limitations range between six and 24 months from the time of the accident. It is before the end of this period that you must file a claim.  Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law’s experienced attorneys will help you understand these statutes, your rights and other aspects of your case when you speak with them about your auto accident.

Experienced, Knowledgeable Auto Accident Attorneys Fight for You

Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law Glendale car accident lawyers handle all types of auto accident claims. The firm’s highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyers often handle car accidents including those with:

  • Single cars
  • Multiple cars
  • Semi-trucks
  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Pedestrians
  • ATVs

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After an auto accident, you will feel a wide variety of emotions. You may feel distressed, vulnerable and even pained by your physical injuries. It is important during this time that you have a knowledgeable, experienced and reputable Glendale car accident lawyer on your side to ensure your claim is properly valued and compensated.

Insurance companies know which tactics to use to achieve their goal of under-compensating auto accident victims. They will use these tactics to try to pay you less than you deserve. Having a Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law lawyer on your side indicates to insurance companies that they will have to provide what you deserve as compensation for your destroyed property, injuries and other accident-related damages.

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