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Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Hire a Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer

People often misunderstand the role that Glendale personal injury attorneys play, thinking they only represent auto accident cases resulting in mental or physical trauma. But these lawyers actually handle a multitude of case types that are not related to auto accidents, at all. Some of these cases include the following, when injuries are suffered:

If you have been injured, speak to a Glendale personal injury lawyer.

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In Glendale, you can rely upon the guidance and experience of a Glendale personal injury lawyer who works to represent people who are injured due to another party’s negligence or intent. Such injuries may be from any of the above causes or a multitude of others that can happen anywhere in your community at any time.

What role does negligence pay in Glendale personal injury law?

Negligence is a party’s failure to act reasonably and carefully when there is a “duty of care.” Duty of care is one party’s responsibility to behave or serve another party according to minimum standards. A personal injury case is either based upon negligence or a party’s failure in duty of care, when that failure causes injury.

When a case involves negligence, a personal injury attorney will examine the circumstances to determine whether recovery of financial damages is possible. To gain this type of compensation, there must be solid proof – evidence – that the negligence occurred. It is the plaintiff’s obligation to prove this under the “burden of proof.”

How a Glendale Personal Injury Attorney Handles Your Case

There are a multitude of legal specializations that may handle your case. But just because a lawyer can represent you in a personal injury claim, it does not mean that they will provide you with positive results. Through a Glendale personal injury lawyer, you can rest assured that your case will be provided with the focus, attention, experience and investigation that it requires for maximum compensation possible.

The settlement or award from a trial that a personal injury lawyer may gain will usually far exceed what an attorney not specializing in personal injury can gain. For example, if a general attorney can get $50,000 in compensation for your claim, a personal injury lawyer can usually get $100,000 or more for the same case. End results are what matter and for the best end results you need an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer.

In many cases, a general practice attorney eager to win your business will use a selling point of reduced fees. But even with reduced fees, you will still gain less compensation than when working with a personal injury attorney. This is especially true if the general lawyer does not have a solid reputation with insurance companies or the experience and knowledge needed to gain the most for your Arizona personal injury case.

Why Personal Injury Cases Exist

Personal injury cases exist because they are a necessary means of compensating people who are victimized by unexpected injuries and other damages caused by someone else. The Law Offices of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law handles personal injury cases for people who have been injured in Glendale and other parts of Arizona. Some of the categories of personal injury cases that Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law handles are:

  • Birth injury
  • Dental malpractice
  • Medical malpractice
  • Brain damage
  • Business and contract disputes
  • Government liability cases
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Personal injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Nursing home injury or elder care abuse
  • Product liability

Permanent injury or disability caused by negligence may be a factor in even the simplest of personal injury cases. Common settlement amounts are often between $25,000 to more than $1 million. Some of the most important points toward potential settlement include:

♦ Medical Bills

Medical expenses are one of the biggest issues for injured victims of negligence. Many people experience bills of more than $100,000 after their accident or injury. This is particularly true if hospital treatment and rehabilitation are required for lengthy periods. Credit damage and collections can be the result of not paying bills as they are received, so many injured parties are under immense pressure from their medical expenses.

This pressure can lead to accepting low offers from insurance companies in order to just get some money to cover immediate needs. But what about the longer term expenses associated with physical injuries? A quick settlement will most often appear great at face value, but there may very well be greater costs ahead for even the simplest of injuries. Some of these expenses may include life care, vocational training, additional surgeries and other costs.

It is important to resist the temptation to sign a quick settlement without speaking to a lawyer first. Even if the offer from the adjuster is as much as five times your medical expenses, it will most often not be all that you deserve. Be suspicious of early offers and gain the help of an experienced Glendale personal injury lawyer.

♦ Life Care

Life care includes future medical costs, rehab and home care associated with your injuries. Many people think home care is one expense that will not apply to their situation, because a family member is present to help them out. But consider that taking care of your needs, however slight, is less free time that individual has to pursue their own interests. For that time spent taking care of you, your family member deserves compensation as much as a nurse or home care provider. Life care helps to cover these costs, regardless of who is assisting the injured victim as part of day-to-day life.

For protection of your future, it is very important that you have a personal injury attorney representing your case. This attorney will gain expert witness testimony to help prove what your future expenses will be, just as much as medical bills prove expenses of the immediate past.

♦ Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages can be the largest amount an injured victim will receive from a claim. This is because an accident that causes injuries can lead to immense changes in an individual’s life and that of their family. Earning capacity can be lost for a lifetime, pain may always be an issue, their IQ may have been reduced, or a victim may be reduced to a vegetative state. These issues create a lower quality of life and inhibit personal fulfillment in many ways. Pain and suffering damages are designed to counterbalance some of that pain and suffering with financial compensation.

♦ Employment Damages

Employment damages are designed to cover lost income when a victim can no longer work or to bridge the gap in what they once earned versus what can be earned after the accident or other cause of injuries. Some people can work after being injured, but must change jobs, suffer reduced salary or work fewer hours. An experienced personal injury attorney can help these victims understand how their future has been affected due to employment changes. They also work to ensure insurance companies and juries are provided with evidence of employment detriment that can be compensated as part of the legal claim.

Another issue of employment for people in a personal injury case is that injuries often become worse over the years. They are often limited to a shorter career span than if the accident or cause of the injury had not occurred. Early retirement is part of what employment damages cover, for greater security and peace of mind in the future for injured victims.

A jury is usually most receptive to these claims when experts provide testimony, explain how figures have been determined and ensure inflation is factored into the sum. Juries typically understand what injuries can do to financially impair a victim’s future through employment losses. So they often are supportive in providing beneficial employment damages.

If you have been injured, speak to a Glendale personal injury lawyer.

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Personal Injury Attorneys that Succeed for Injured Glendale Clients

Glendale attorneys of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law work hard to successfully negotiate with insurance companies or win jury trials for their clients. Experience and skill matter in personal injury cases.  Injury Lawyer’s attorneys possess both of those attributes and the knowledge of Arizona state laws that you need on your side for the most successful claim.

Call the Glendale personal injury lawyers of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law at (602) 691-7278 as soon after your accident as possible. Or you may also complete our free consultation form online, if desired. You can be provided with a free 30-minute case evaluation with one of our Glendale personal injury attorneys.


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