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Goodyear Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Hire a Goodyear Personal Injury Lawyer

People are often confused by the role of Goodyear personal injury lawyers, believing them to only represent cases of car accidents that cause physical or mental injuries. But there are a wide variety of cases these lawyers in Goodyear handle that do not relate to motor vehicle accidents, at all. Some of these cases include the following, when injuries or property damage result:

  • Assault, as victimized 55 people of Goodyear in 2002
  • Premises liability, as 11,908 Americans experienced in a year
  • Slip and fall incidents, with injuries resulting in one third of ER visits
  • Malfunctioning products, 26,948 people were injured by in 2005
  • Medical malpractice led to compensation for an average of 278 patients per year in Arizona from 2004 to 2014
  • Dental malpractice, leading to successful legal claims of 304 patients in Arizona between 2004 and 2014
  • Elder abuse and nursing home liability, as affects as many as 10 percent of patients
  • Pharmaceutical liability due to injuries caused by defective medications and devices, as many people experience each year
  • Birth injuries, as could have affected more than 55 percent of Goodyear babies in 2013 due to medical complications or risk
  • Construction defects, such as those affecting people in Goodyear and elsewhere, as reported by the International Risk Management Institute
  • Dog bites, like those that can happen in Goodyear dog parks of Goodyear Community Park and Roscoe Dog Park
  • Bicycle accidents, such as those injuring over 1275 Arizonans in 2015
  • Many other types of accidents

Of course, the above list is not a complete accounting of all of the types of cases that a personal injury lawyer in Goodyear will handle. Because injury can happen anytime and anywhere, there are a wide variety of claims that a personal injury lawyer will represent. The common aspect of these lawyers’ cases is that of injury suffered by the client, as a result of the negligence or intent of another party.

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What is Goodyear personal injury lawyer’s role?

Negligence is when a party does not act with care or according to reason. When someone fails to exercise “duty of care,” it means that they did not act responsibly as a party should, according to the minimum standards of care. A personal injury case is based upon negligence or a failure in duty of care, when injury is caused by that negligence. A personal injury lawyer dissects a situation of negligence that caused injury to determine whether financial damages can be recovered. There must be clear evidence of the negligence in order to gain compensation through financial damages. This evidence is the plaintiff’s “burden of proof.”

There are many types of legal specializations on the market today. Although a multitude of these can represent you in a personal injury case, it is best to seek the focused, experienced and knowledgeable guidance of a Goodyear personal injury lawyer. This is because personal injury lawyers have immense experience in dealing with insurance companies and juries associated with personal injury cases, something a general lawyer will not possess. This experience helps them to build your strongest possible case for the greatest potential outcome.

A general lawyer can still have some success in a personal injury case. For example, he or she may win you a sum of $50,000. But when a general lawyer can gain award of $50,000, a personal injury lawyer will know how to gain $100,000 or more for the same claim. End results are what count in your case and for the best results, you need a lawyer who represents clients like you every single day.

Many injured victims are “wooed” by general practice attorneys who want to represent them, with those lawyers offering reduced fees. But reducing fees will still cost you far too much when you gain lower compensation and more of that settlement is swallowed up by the lawyer’s cost.

You should never compromise with your present or future. An Arizona personal injury lawyer is highly experienced in how a Goodyear personal injury case like yours will be won. That is the experience you need on your side.

The Necessity of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases help victims who have suffered injuries by no fault of their own gain compensation to help make them financially “whole” again. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law represents injured clients in cases of accidents where lasting damages have been suffered. Some of the personal injury categories that Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law handles cases for include:

  • Personal injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Birth injury
  • Brain damage
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Pharmaceutical liability
  • Dental malpractice
  • Business and contract disputes
  • Government liability cases
  • Car accidents in Goodyear
  • Nursing home injury or elder abuse

Even a simple personal injury case can involve victims who have been affected by injury or disability with lifelong consequences due to an incident of negligence. When settlements for these cases are gained, they typically range between $25,000 and into the millions of dollars. Some of the most important factors for settlement or juries’ consideration include:

Medical Bills

The cost of medical care is extremely high today and it will continue to rise in the future. Many people who have been injured are billed well over $100,000 for their care. This is particularly true when their injuries require an extended stay in the hospital or rehabilitation is needed.

Keeping up with payments on these bills can be extremely stressful. This is why many accident or other injury victims often accept quick settlement offers from insurance companies. The victims are afraid they will lose the ability to keep up with their medical costs and insurance companies know this fear can be a catalyst toward a quick agreement for lower than the victim deserves. After all, no one wants their credit destroyed or for their bills to go into collections.

Another reason why insurance adjusters try to work quickly and pressure victims to sign an agreement right away is that the victim has not had a chance to gain a full assessment of their injury’s costs. An adjuster will be quick to say that they have ensured the settlement will pay for everything. But this is rarely the case, even when the dollar amount seems high or up to five times as much as the medical bills. Early offers will not cover life care, vocational training and other costs an injured party may encounter in the future due to the injury.

It is very important that you never accept a settlement offer without speaking to a personal injury attorney first. It can be tempting to sign a big offer. But a personal injury lawyer will examine your case and determine the true compensation you deserve, then going to the negotiation table with insurance adjusters for you to get you what you really need.

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Life Care

Beyond current medical costs are other expenses included under the category of life care. Medical bills you can expect in the future, rehabilitation and home care are some of these life care considerations. Life care money will even pay you for home care provided by family members.

Although you may think that having a family member caring for you will reduce your future life care expenses, there are some things you should consider. A family member pays a personal price for this provision of care and loses time that could be spent pursuing their own personal interests. They may also not be able to work as many hours as they once did, at a paid job outside of the home. So this loved one deserves to be paid for their role in taking care of you after an injury, just as a hired nurse or other care provider would be paid.

A big consideration for your future is that there may be a time when the loved one needs time off or can no longer take care of you. Anything can happen in these situations and life care compensation will help ensure you are able to gain the support of a nurse or home care provider when needed.

Having the right personal injury lawyer who understands these big issues is critical when negotiating a settlement or going to jury trial. Such an attorney will use their resources, expert witnesses and skills to gain the compensation you deserve.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages are often the most significant amount of claim compensation. This is due to the immense toll having injuries can take on you throughout your lifetime, as well as the lives of your family members. Victims often lose earning capability, with losses there often reaching over a million dollars. Living in constant pain is also a hindrance to a normal, active life, as are lost cognitive ability or other challenges created by an injury. These issues impact quality of life and are factored into the total amount sought as pain and suffering damages.

Employment Damages

Your lawyer will calculate employment damages or use the expertise of a specialist to determine this amount. These damages are designed to compensate for injured victims’ lost ability to gain or maintain the same employment they had before the injury. For people still in college or those just beginning within their career field, employment damages are calculated according to what they would have been expected to earn on their present or future career trajectory.

This compensation can be gained even if the injured party is able to take a lesser role, works reduced hours or otherwise must make career changes to suit their altered physical or mental circumstances after the accident. Many people go through major wage reductions after accidents and others cannot work at all. Still more try to go back to their prior position but find that the ramifications of the accident make it difficult, if not impossible, to keep their job. Finally, most injured people cannot endure the same length of time in their career as peers, or as they would have, had they not been injured.

An experienced Goodyear personal injury attorney knows how injury can affect a victim of negligence and how these changes alter their future. This knowledge is used to determine a claim amount. When necessary, a vocational expert will be brought in to calculate the amount and include inflation, as well as the market value increase expected for a given role.

Juries respect vocational expert testimony and calculations and are often generous in the award amounts for victims of accidents. Juries tend to have sympathy for victims and their families, when employment is impacted. They put themselves in the victim’s shoes, knowing that quality of life changes drastically when income is reduced and the entire family struggles. They also know that a loss of fulfilling career and diminished dreams should be compensated. Having a skilled personal injury lawyer on your side for these issues ensures your greatest chance of a large settlement without having to go to trial. But if a trial does happen, the right lawyer can help the jury understand precisely what you need for your future.

The aggressive Goodyear personal injury attorneys of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law have the skill, experience and knowledge you need for your personal injury case. This experience is put to work for you in a fight for what you and your family need as part of the highest possible settlement.

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