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How a Seatbelt can save your life in a Car Accident

Seatbelt: Secure your Body to Secure your Life

Wearing your seatbelt improves your chances of surviving an accident or not being seriously injured.  Below, David Michael , an experienced car accident lawyer in Phoenix at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law explains why seat belts or so important.  Any motorist, even as a responsible motorist, can have their life forever changed by an irresponsible driver. A drunk driver, a driver who has fallen asleep behind the wheel, or a person who is texting and driving, can cause serious injuries to another motorist. However, failing to wear a seat belt can greatly exacerbate these injures or even cause death.

Seat Belts are Essential in a Car Accident

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, in 2013, there were 30,057 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States. Statistics show that seat belts save lives. Seat belts reduce the number of serious crash-related injuries and deaths by half; yet, a large number of people still fail to buckle their safety belt. In fact,

– Approximately 55% of teens/young adults (13 to 20 years old) who died in car crashes in 2012 were not wearing seat belts;
– Adults (18 to 34) are less likely to wear seat belts when compared to adults aged 35 years or older;
– Men are 10% less likely than women to wear a seat belt; and,
– Adults who live in rural areas are 10% less likely to wear seat belts that those who live in urban or suburban areas.

The Danger is Real

Clearly, the likelihood of being involved in a motor vehicle accident during your lifetime is highly likely. Accidents happen every day, hour, and minute.

Nonetheless, there are several reasons why people refuse to wear seat belts. Some people believe that seat belt laws infringe upon their constitutional rights; others believe that air bags provide sufficient protection in a car wreck; some believe that their driving skills are so superior that they will not be involved in a car crash; and, some people just plain do not like wearing seat belts because it is uncomfortable or might ruin their clothes. Additionally, some drivers assume that if they are traveling a short distance, the chances of them being involved in car crash are slim to none. However, it is evident that the dangers associated with failing to wear a seat belt outweigh the excuses not to wear a safety belt

Several state statutes of limitations mandate that motorist wear safety belts. While it is important and possible for society to take steps to reduce the number of car accidents that occur each year, it is impossible to completely eliminate them. The best option to combat the number of traffic related deaths is to reduce the risk of serious injury caused by failure to wear safety belts. The reality, failing to wear a seat belt might cost you your life or cause serious permanent bodily injury or disfigurement.

Seat Belts Save Lives

Simply put, seatbelts save lives. Wearing a seat belt while driving or riding in a vehicle reduces the likelihood of death or a serious injury by as much as 50 percent. Would you want to flip a coin for your life? That is what is happening every time someone drives a car without wearing a seat belt. Even minor accidents become much more dangerous if drivers are not wearing seat belts.

Getting People to “Click It”

Statistically speaking, the young male demographic are more likely to drive without a seat belt. In fact, teenagers that live in states which do not have seat belt enforcement laws are more likely to drive without putting on a seat belt. Seat belt use is lower in states with secondary or no enforcement laws compared to those with primary enforcement laws. Nonetheless, as a result, seat belt education is increasingly becoming a larger priority.

However, it is important to remember the personal responsibility is your strongest tool. If you are driving in a car with someone who refuses to wear a seat belt, say something. Educate them on the dangers of riding in a car without a seat belt. You could save someone’s life. Additionally, the truth is, if you do not wear your seat belt, you could be at risk for heavy fines, points against your insurance, and pain and suffering for you and your family would endure if you are injured or killed in an accident.

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The attorneys at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law understand that accidents happen. The law office Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law has been known to have been rated the best car accident lawyers in the great state of Arizona. If you were injured in a car accident and you were not wearing a seat belts, contact our car accident lawyer. We understand that a car crash can be a stressful and difficult time in a person’s life. You should not have the deal the financial and emotional turmoil and uncertainty on your own. We will fight hard to ensure that you get the settlement that you deserve.



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