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Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people misunderstand the expansive realm of cases that a Mesa personal injury lawyer focuses on. These attorneys do not just handle auto accident injury cases. They also represent injured victims with claims due to negligence resulting in a wide variety of injuries and damages.

Mesa personal injury cases often involve victims of these types of scenarios:

  • Assault, as one in every 219 Mesa residents experience
  • Bicycle accidents, as 1276 people in Arizona experienced in 2015
  • Birth injury, as more than 55 percent of 53,848 babies born in Maricopa county in 2013 could have experienced due to complications or medical risk
  • Construction defects, as are increasing to crisis levels in Mesa and elsewhere, according to the International Risk Management Institute
  • Dental malpractice, as 304 patients were compensated for in Arizona between 2004 and 2014
  • Dog bites, such as may occur in Mesa area dog parks like Countryside Dog Park, Quail Run Park or Mesa Bark Place
  • Malfunctioning products, as 26,948 people experienced in 2005
  • Medical malpractice, as 2,777 patients were compensated for medical malpractice in Arizona between 2004 and 2014
  • Nursing home liability, as up to 10 percent of elderly patients experience
  • Pharmaceutical liability, as a rapidly growing number of patients are experiencing injury from prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and medical devices in Mesa and beyond
  • Premises liability, as 11,908 people experienced in the U.S. in one year
  • Slip and fall accidents, with slip and fall accidents and general falls leading to 33 percent of ER visits
  • Many other types of accidents

The above list is only a partial representation of the types of cases personal injury lawyers handle. After all, accidents and major, life-changing injuries can happen just about anywhere, at any time and due to varied circumstances. Personal injury law firms help victims in Mesa who have suffered injuries due to negligence or intent of another party.

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What is the role of negligence in Mesa personal injury law?

The failure of someone to act carefully and reasonably is known as negligence. Injuries can result from negligence, as can other damages to an individual, their career and relationships. To gain compensation for these injuries and damages due to negligence, a personal injury case may be developed.

A Mesa personal injury lawyer initiates a negligence case first by investigating the occurrence and results of the injury. This is done to determine whether a personal injury case is warranted. The burden of proof for a negligence case falls on the plaintiff, who must show that the defendant should be held financially accountable for their injuries and damages.

Compensation for Your Injuries Can Be Gained by a Mesa Personal Injury Attorney

When you are ready to start your personal injury case against a negligent party, you can gain help of lawyers of several types, including those working in a general law practice. But the importance of reputation, knowledge, skill and experience specific to personal injury law should never be underestimated.  A Mesa personal injury lawyer knows Arizona personal injury laws best and can more successfully handle your case than lawyers practicing in other specializations. Personal injury attorneys also have the resources needed to build your comprehensive case.

One tactic general practice lawyers or other types of attorneys have been known to use for enticement of potential clients for a personal injury claim is that of reducing their fees. But general practice lawyers or those in other types of law are not experienced enough in personal injury law to gain the better results of a personal injury lawyer. The knowledge, skill, experience and reputation of a personal injury attorney are much more valuable than a reduced fee, when seeking the highest possible financial compensation.

Why Personal Injury Cases Are Important to Injury Victims in Mesa

Personal injury cases are first meant to help victims pay for their immediate costs due to injuries suffered by circumstances resulting from another party’s negligence. These cases are also meant to ensure victims are not further victimized by the damages and losses they can experience throughout the rest of their lives. The law firm of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law handles client cases for injuries and lasting damages suffered in Mesa or anywhere in the rest of Arizona due to the negligence of another party. Clients in the following personal injury categories may gain representation by Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law:

Personal injury can be permanent and disabling. This type of injury resulting from even a simple act of negligence can produce a lifetime of financial losses and other damages. Both victims and their families suffer in the aftermath of such occurrences with far-reaching ramifications that extend throughout their financial and occupational lives, as well as in relationships and quality of life. Settlements can range from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.

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Potential settlements are based upon the following important considerations:

Medical Expenses

Known for being extremely high, medical expenses quickly add up after an injury. As much as $100,000 or more can be immediately spent for lengthy hospital stays, imaging tests, emergency care, rehabilitation, medications and medical supplies.

Victims and their families are usually eager to pay these bills quickly because of the lasting effects on their finances these expenses can have, as well as due to the stress the collections processes can cause. When injured victims are under pressure to pay their medical costs, insurance companies are often able to persuade them to accept lower compensation for their injuries and other damages, than they deserve. This is why it is critical for injured victims and their families to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Mesa as soon after the injury as possible.

Insurance adjusters often appear immediately after an accident when their policy holder’s negligence causes injuries. These adjusters want to gain the victim’s signature for low settlements before that patient becomes more aware of how much their medical care and damages will cost for the rest of their lifetime.

Insurance adjusters frequently say that offered monies will cover “all medical costs.” These compensation amounts often fall very, very short. The final figures of early offers do not include additional costs not billed under the umbrella of the hospital, doctors and tests. Some of those unseen charges at this early time following the injury include life care, vocational training, adaptive devices and other expenses that add up due to the injury. You have to remember that even small injuries can affect you for a lifetime and can grow worse as you age, particularly in relation to major areas of the body, such as the back, neck, head, joints and for mental and physical functioning. What seems to be healing today may start hurting worse and debilitating you more as your body ages.

Your insurance adjuster may also appear very engaging and friendly. You may want to trust him or her, in the amount offered being respectable. But you should never sign insurance claim settlement documents or other paperwork without consulting a Mesa personal injury lawyer. Such a lawyer is highly experienced in reviewing cases like yours and can quickly determine the exact amount of compensation you are due. When you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, you need a personal injury lawyer by your side.

Life Care

In-home care, future medical bills, rehabilitation and specialized adaptive devices like wheelchairs are included under the category of “life care.” Even if have a spouse or parent who vows to provide your in-home care without cost, you will need financial support for life care costs. Family members can suffer personal tolls from providing this assistance, using their own personal time, focus, energy and occupational freedom to take care of your needs. Eventually, this family member will not be able to continue providing for your needs or may need a personal break to take care of themselves. In such times, a personal nurse or home care provider will be needed to provide care for you.

Having a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer on your side can protect your future. Your attorney will utilize calculations of expert witnesses toward determination of the compensation you deserve, whether your case is settled quickly or must proceed to trial.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages include the toll of injuries on the victim’s life, family relationships and work. The final compensation figure of pain and suffering comprises these amounts, with lifelong impact of your injuries accounted for under this category.

Compensation gained under pain and suffering is often the largest amount received in a personal injury case. This is because pain and suffering severely impact an individual’s quality of life and that of their family after an injury caused by others’ negligence. Pain and suffering often adds up to more than one million dollars. Injury victims may experience a lifetime of pain, reduced mental capacity and a lower quality of life, with all of those covered under pain and suffering damages.

Employment Damages

Occupational damages suffered due to negligence can be calculated by your Mesa personal injury attorney or a vocational specialist. Many victims cannot retain prior employment, must seek a lower level and lower pay position, or suffer repeated terminations from jobs gained after their injury. Effects of the injury can cause others to be unable to ever work again. College-bound victims or those who have not yet started working can face a ruined career future due to injuries.

Personal injury victims often must retire early or can only work reduced hours, if at all. These changes and others are calculated into damages through consideration of past earnings, projected career earnings toward retirement and what can be earned after the injury, if any work is possible. Inflation and market value increases are factored into this amount.

Juries have compassion and understanding regarding employment losses and put faith into vocational experts that compensation is accurately calculated. Juries also know the mental toll a loss of career can take on an individual and the basic human need for financial independence. Losses are experienced by everyone in the family, not just the victim, and each person suffers a reduced quality of life after one member of the family is victimized through personal injury.

Why You Should Hire a Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

In working with an personal injury lawyer, insurance companies are aware that they are going to be held accountable for these costs, not just medical expenses or other claim amounts. To attain the settlement you and your loved ones deserve after your personal injury, you need the help, guidance and representation of an personal injury law firm in Mesa. Your lawyer may even be able to settle your case quickly. Many clients never even have to go trial, due to the attorney’s reputation of success in personal injury cases.

The attorneys of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law are skilled, knowledgeable and highly experienced in personal injury cases. In Mesa, and throughout all of Arizona, the law offices of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law have a reputation of success for injured victims and against insurance companies. Our attorneys fight for injured victims and their families. The ultimate goal is to gain the victim’s deserved compensation to help them maintain a quality life after injuries and damages suffered due to the negligence of someone else. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law lawyers can also help you with medical liens and medical treatment expenses to ensure you do not become overburdened by out-of-pocket costs.

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