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Surprise Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Like other communities in Arizona, Surprise is experiencing a boom worthy of its name. But Surprise is the sixth fastest growing town in the state and is growing even faster than Phoenix itself. That is remarkable considering the Phoenix area is a hotspot for relocation of working adults and college students from across the country.

In the year 2000, Surprise only boasted 30,848 residents. By 2010, that population had exploded to 117,517. This unprecedented growth has led to inevitable increases in traffic and the number of vehicles in town, including motorcycles. With so many new residents moving to the area, traffic is always an adventure in Surprise.

It can be difficult for city planners and construction crews to keep up with the growth. This means that there are ongoing road construction projects and expansion all over the community. Increased traffic, scaling of roads and so many people trying to newly navigate the region all add to a normal mix of traffic woes. But add easy-to-overlook motorcycles to that traffic and adequate, safe road sharing can become a problem.

Add to the heavy, ever-increasing traffic of Surprise behaviors like distracted driving, speeding and DUI, and you have a recipe for potential disaster. Many motorcyclists are injured in the community each year and some are even killed.

In 2015, about 200,000 motorcycles were registered to Arizona residents. Surprise maintains its growing share of these motorcyclists. With the city expanding as rapidly as it is, everyone living in Surprise can expect to see more and more motorcycles on their community roads.

Surprise and Maricopa County Motorcycle Accidents

In Maricopa County and the city of Surprise, there were about 2000 motorcycle accidents in 2015. In these crashes, 1,619 motorcyclist injuries and 86 deaths occurred. These numbers are not unusual for any given year.

In Surprise, there are many motorcycle accidents each year. 2016 continued this trend, as part of which these accidents were reported:

  • Due to major road construction in April 2016, a 48 year old motorcyclist had taken Greenway Road near Litchfield Road in Surprise, as recommended by the Department of Transportation as the safest route around the construction. When the motorcycle rider was stopped, an inattentive, unlicensed 16 year-old driver of an SUV hit him from behind. The rider was killed in the accident. In the first three days of that route being used for detouring of traffic around the construction, there were eight other accidents.
  • In October 2016, a motorcyclist was slammed into from behind by a van that also impacted another minivan as part of the same accident. This collision occurred on Grand Avenue at Bell Road. The elderly van driver was driving recklessly when the accident occurred. The motorcyclist sustained life-threatening injuries when he was thrown from the bike upon impact.

As a motorcyclist in or around Surprise, you may not realize that you are vulnerable to a motorcycle crash every time you get on your bike. This type of wreck can happen anytime of day, any day of the week and any month of the year. When you are in a motorcycle accident in Arizona, you will likely need the help of an Arizona personal injury and motorcycle accident lawyer to recover the losses of your crash.

Just like needing an attorney to help you with your personal injury claim after a motorcycle accident in Surprise, you may also need to gain medical treatment after your wreck. There are over 30 medical treatment facilities in the community and nearby areas. Some of these treatment centers where injured crash victims may receive care in Surprise include:

  • Valley Hospital
  • Banner Del E Webb Medical Center
  • Dignity Health AZ General Hospital
  • Boswell Memorial Hospital

Maricopa County traffic accidents, including motorcycle wrecks, impact the economy to a degree most residents of Surprise would not expect. In 2015, the total economic cost of traffic accident-related injuries in Maricopa County was $1,067,621,046. Fatalities cost everyone in the county $630,776,160 and property damage added $679,515,330 for a total of $2,377,912,536 in losses for that year. These amounts are paid through state taxes and funds appropriated by the government.

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The Arizona Crash Facts Summary is an annual report published by the Arizona Department of Transportation. This report summarizes all of the most pertinent facts of traffic accidents occurring in the state for a given year. In the 2015 Arizona Crash Facts Summary, the year’s motorcycle crash statistics were reported as follows:

  • 2911 motorcycle crashes
  • 1827 multi-vehicle collisions
  • 1,084 were wrecks of a motorcycle only
  • 132 wrecks caused fatalities
  • 2329 were injury accidents
    • 2497 people were injured
    • 134 people were killed
  • 2704 collisions occurred in urban environments like Surprise
  • 737 accidents were in rural areas
  • 167 accidents involved motorcyclist DUI
    • 150 accidents involved alcohol DUI of a motorcyclist
    • 16 accidents involved a motorcyclist’s drug DUI
    • 1 accident involved a medicated motorcyclist
  • 1395 motorcycle wrecks were the fault of another driver
  • In every 1000 Arizona registered bikes, 6.71 riders will be killed in a motorcycle wreck

Helmets Do Save Lives in Surprise Motorcycle Accidents

In Surprise and elsewhere, it is true that wearing a helmet is a personal choice for riders aged 18 and over. The same is true for their legal adult passengers, who can make their own choice about helmet wear. Only riders under 18 and those on the back of their bike or in a sidecar who are also underage are required by law to wear a helmet.

Below are some 2015 statistics of motorcycle accidents and helmet wear in Arizona:

  • 492 riders walked away from their Arizona motorcycle crashes without injury. Only 85 of these rode without protection of a helmet.
  • 584 riders suffered serious and debilitating injuries. 300 rode without a helmet.
  • 130 riders were killed. 76 were not wearing helmets.

Surprise Motorcycle Accident Details

Passenger and commercial vehicles are not the only ones that cause motorcycle crashes. A motorcyclist him or herself, another motorcyclist, bicyclist, and even a pedestrian can cause a motorcycle to crash. After a motorcycle accident occurs, fault will be determined by investigators. If someone else is proven to have caused the crash, that party will be liable for your damages and those of other victims of injury, property damage, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. If you have been in a Surprise motorcycle accident and are filing an accident claim, you need the help of a personal injury lawyer to ensure best results for settlement or judgment.

By reviewing past motorcycle wreck data, you can gain some insight about causes of these accidents and how to possibly prevent one from happening to you. Below are some details of the 2,988 motorcycle accidents that occurred in Arizona during 2015:

  • Motorcyclists were not at fault in 1395 accidents
  • Speeding was the cause of 846 accidents
  • 61 were due to the rider’s failure to yield
  • 99 accidents were the fault of riders following other vehicles too closely
  • 11 motorcycle riders neglected to stop at a stop sign
  • 51 riders ignored a traffic signal
  • 28 riders made improper turns
  • 25 motorcyclists drove against traffic in an opposing lane
  • 7 accidents were blamed on faulty parts or equipment
  • 8 riders did not use required equipment
  • 8 riders ignored a no passing zone and passed traffic
  • 42 riders made unsafe lane changes
  • 63 riders veered into an opposing lane of traffic
  • 22 motorcycle riders unsafely passed other vehicles
  • 16 motorcyclists engaged in distracted driving

You are vulnerable to these issues and others that may cause you to wreck your motorcycle. As you ride around Surprise, Maricopa County and the rest of Arizona, you need to be cautious, alert and ready to defensively avoid an accident if possible. By not speeding, you can greatly improve your chances of being safe from an accident with another vehicle, pedestrian or object.

Of Arizona’s 137 fatal motorcycle wrecks in 2015:

  • 104 deaths were the motorcyclist’s fault
  • 33 were another driver’s fault
  • Speeding was the cause of 44

There are also various directions from which a vehicle can hit a motorcycle. Most of Arizona’s motorcycle wrecks in 2015 were from one of these angles:

  • 446 collisions involved a vehicle turning left in front of or into a motorcycle with 26 fatally injured victims
  • 622 accidents and 18 fatalities were due to rear-end collisions
  • 295 accidents were at a diagonal angle with 19 of these being fatal
  • 267 were sideswipe collisions with six fatalities

Handling Your Surprise Motorcycle Accident Aftermath

You will under a lot of stress and anxiety after your Arizona motorcycle accident, like most victims. Administering first aid is top priority at the scene until EMT crews arrive, if you or anyone else have injuries that require immediate help. If you are uninjured after your accident or do not have pain, there are things you can do to help build your accident and injury case,  while awaiting police to arrive.

You should do these things, even if you are not sure that you will file a claim. Or, have someone you trust handle these needs for you:

  • Note the accident’s date and time
  • Note weather conditions at the time of the accident
  • Take photos of the damaged vehicles and accident scene
  • Obtain contact information of witnesses and note their observations
  • Maintain insurance declarations
  • Write your thoughts about how the accident occurred
  • Keep all of your accident records in one place, including the police report
  • Talk with a motorcycle accident attorney BEFORE signing anything or allowing the insurance company to record you
  • Call a Surprise motorcycle accident attorney now at (602) 691-7278
  • Speak to Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law BEFORE dealing with any insurance companies

Having a Surprise Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Is the Right Choice

Having a lawyer is not required for filing an insurance claim after an accident. But having one protects your interests and helps you gain the highest possible compensation from insurance adjusters who know how to underpay victims without those victims understanding how they have not received what they deserve. You should never settle an insurance claim without working with an experienced motorcycle accident and personal injury lawyer, as this lawyer will not all adjusters to take advantage of you. Your lawyer will ensure you gain the highest possible settlement for your motorcycle accident injuries, property damage, lost income and other damages.

You may be able to recover these damages and others as part of a personal injury and motorcycle accident claim:

  • Medical expenses
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medication costs
  • Imaging study costs, such as for MRIs, CT scans and X-rays
  • Hospital bills
  • Rehab costs
  • Lost income or wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damage, motorcycle replacement or repair
  • Auto rental
  • Towing charges
  • Other damages

After your Surprise motorcycle accident or a crash elsewhere in Arizona, you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Call the Surprise motorcycle accident lawyers of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law at (602) 691-7278 for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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