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Tempe Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Maybe best known as home to Arizona State University, Tempe is a community with its own share of motorcycle riders. Many of these motorcyclists are students and bikes of the area range from the super sport styles popular among younger riders to cruisers more appreciated by older motorcycle enthusiasts. Tempe provides plenty of riding opportunity. Many people choose to commute to Phoenix for work or take short trips around town for weekday business. Others enjoy long weekend rides into the Arizona desert. For others, motorcycling is a way of life they enjoy every day of the year in Arizona’s desert climate.

With such close proximity to Phoenix and other communities of southern Arizona, Tempe riders enjoy multiple motorcycle events only minutes away. This includes the well-known Arizona Bike Week, host to thousands of people who ride in and come to see motorcycles of all kinds during a week of festivities that draws people from all over the country.

Tempe has a population of just under 170,000 people. This is almost equivalent to the number of motorcycles registered in the state of Arizona. Arizona boasts over 196,000 motorcyclists that are registered, with about 40,000 new riders having joined the ranks since 2011. While Tempe grows at a healthy pace like other Arizona communities, the number of motorcyclists in the community and all over the state continues to increase rapidly, as well.

However you ride and enjoy your motorcycle, it is important to remain safe. Short trips are more often the deadliest rides, versus long road trips or rally style rides. When motorcyclists are only running to the grocery store or around campus in Tempe, they often believe they know the roads well enough and are safe for driving without a helmet. Sadly, the opposite is true. Most fatal motorcycle accidents occur very close to home, even for Tempe residents.

Tempe and Maricopa County Motorcycle Accidents

Around Tempe and throughout Maricopa County in 2015, about 2000 motorcycle accidents occurred. This county’s accidents alone caused 1,619 motorcyclists to be injured and 86 to be killed that year. Sadly, each year is about the same, with dozens of Arizona, Maricopa County and even Tempe residents being fatally injured during motorcycle rides.

Some of Tempe’s most recent motorcycle accidents include:

  • On a Saturday in mid-November 2015, a motorcyclist was killed at the intersection of Broadway Road and 48th Street around 8:30 p.m. The motorcyclist collided with a compact car.
  • A motorcyclist and vehicle collided on a Wednesday night in early November 2016 at Southern Avenue and Potter Drive, killing the rider. This accident was similar to many fatal car-motorcycle collisions, in that the automobile was turning left and struck the motorcyclist who was proceeding straight with right-of-way.
  • On eastbound U.S. Highway 60 near Mill Avenue in Tempe, a man was killed when he laid his motorcycle down in highway traffic, being run over by a passenger vehicle. The man was wearing a helmet but was thrown off the bike into another lane of traffic.

At any time of year and on any day, a motorcycle accident can occur in Tempe. No one ever thinks their next motorcycle ride will be their last. But you can just as easily be killed while riding your motorcycle as these bikers who thought they would return home after their trip in Tempe. You must always remain cautious to improve your best chances of returning home safely after your motorcycle rides in and around Maricopa County.

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Riding in Arizona can be a wonderful experience. Weather in the state is agreeable on most days of the year and the scenery can be breathtaking. Because motorcycles are so loved by Arizona residents and visitors who ride into the state to take in the colorful views, there is rarely a week in Tempe without a motorcycle accident.

According to the 2015 Arizona Crash Facts Summary of the Arizona Department of Transportation, below is a listing of some of the year’s motorcycle crash data:

  • 2911 motorcycle accidents in the state
  • 1827 accidents involved other parties
  • 1,084 were one single vehicle wrecks of a motorcycle only
  • 132 wrecks caused fatalities
  • 2329 were injury accidents with 2497 people injured and 134 people killed
  • 2704 collisions occurred in urban locations like Tempe
  • 737 accidents were in rural areas
  • 150 accidents involved alcohol DUI of a motorcyclist
  • 16 accidents involved a motorcyclist’s drug DUI
  • 1 accident involved a medicated motorcyclist
  • 1395 motorcyclists were without any fault in their accident
  • 71 motorcyclists in every 1000 AZ registered bikes will be killed in a motorcycle wreck

A Helmet Can Save Your Life in a Tempe Motorcycle Accident

In Arizona, riders aged 18 and over, and their passengers meeting the same age minimum, can make the choice to ride without a helmet. Only riders or passengers under 18 must wear one according to the law.

But in the seconds prior to your accident, you cannot change your mind about wearing this type of protection. You have to make the decision to routinely protect yourself before every ride. This simple choice can mean the difference between losing your life in a Tempe biking accident, or possibly surviving and even escaping injury.

Below are some of Arizona’s 2015 motorcycle accident and helmet wear statistics:

  • 492 riders survived Arizona motorcycle crashes injury-free. But of these, only 85 rode without protection of a helmet.
  • 584 riders suffered serious and life-changing injuries. Of these, 300 rode without a helmet.
  • 130 riders were killed, 76 of whom were not wearing helmets.

Tempe Motorcycle Crashes Can Happen Anytime

As said before, a Tempe motorcycle crash can happen anytime as you are out and about on your ride around Tempe. It does not matter whether you are just running a quick errand or going for a multi-day ride. Accidents can happen within yards of your home or when you are navigating places you have never been before.

In Arizona, the hours of noon to 6:00 p.m. are the most dangerous during the workweek. This is when more motorcycle accident injuries happen than at any other times during the week. But more riders die from their injuries in accidents happening from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, than on other times of the workweek.

Weekends are most dangerous for motorcyclists during different hours than weekdays. More motorcyclists die from 9:00 on Saturday mornings to noon on the same day, than at other times of the weekend. The hours of the weekend with a concentrated number of accidents are on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons from noon to 6:00 p.m.

Saturday is the day with the most accidents of all seven days of the week, as well as the deadliest day for motorcycle riders in Tempe. In 2015, there were 41 motorcycle accident fatalities on Saturdays in Arizona. All other days remained at or below 19 deaths per day of the week for that year. Saturdays are when the most motorcyclist DUI accidents causing injuries and death occur around Gilbert and in Arizona.

For safest riding, statistics indicate that Tempe riders can enjoy less chance of an accident on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Tuesday is the safest day in terms of number of accidents and motorcyclist deaths.

Tempe Motorcycle Accident Details

Tempe motorcycle accidents may be the rider’s fault or the fault of other drivers. By looking at past accidents, it is easier to know what behaviors and actions make motorcyclists most vulnerable to a wreck and the resulting injuries. Of the 2,988 motorcycle accidents occurring in Tempe and other parts of Arizona in 2015:

  • Motorcyclists were not at fault in 1395 accidents
  • Speeding was the cause of 846 accidents
  • 61 were due to the rider’s failure to yield
  • 99 accidents were the fault of riders following other vehicles too closely
  • 11 motorcycle riders neglected to stop at a stop sign
  • 51 riders ignored a traffic signal
  • 28 riders made improper turns
  • 25 motorcyclists drove against traffic in an opposing lane
  • 7 accidents were blamed on faulty parts or equipment
  • 8 riders did not use required equipment
  • 8 riders ignored a no passing zone and passed traffic
  • 42 riders made unsafe lane changes
  • 63 riders veered into an opposing lane of traffic
  • 22 motorcycle riders unsafely passed other vehicles
  • 16 motorcyclists engaged in distracted driving

The most frequent cause of Tempe’s fatal motorcycle accidents and those throughout the state is speeding. These motorcycle wrecks can be caused by the rider or another driver who are speeding. In 137 fatal accidents in 2015, 104 deaths were the rider’s fault and 33 were another driver’s fault. Speeding was the documented cause of 44 of the fatal wrecks.

When vehicles hit a motorcycle, that impact is from one of a variety of angles. The majority of Arizona’s motorcycle accidents in 2015 were one of four angles, as listed below:

  • 446 collisions with 26 fatally injured victims involved a vehicle’s left turn into the motorcyclist
  • 18 fatalities of 622 accidents involved rear-end collisions
  • 295 accidents were at an angle with 19 of these being fatal
  • 267 sideswipe collisions, six of which were fatal

The motorcyclist was unlicensed in 135 motorcycle crashes, indicating that unlicensed motorcyclists continue to be a problem on the roads in Arizona.

When You Are in a Tempe Motorcycle Accident

You will inevitably be stressed and anxious after your Tempe area motorcycle accident. If you are able to move around without pain and do not need emergency medical treatment, there are some things you should try to do while you are at the scene of your wreck. If you cannot do these things because you are injured or too shaken, you can have a friend or loved one handle them for you:

  • Note the accident’s date and time
  • Note weather conditions at the time of the accident
  • Take photos of the damaged vehicles and accident scene
  • Obtain contact information of witnesses and note their observations
  • Maintain insurance declarations
  • Write your thoughts about how the accident occurred
  • Keep all of your accident records in one place, including the police report
  • Talk with a motorcycle accident attorney BEFORE signing anything or allowing the insurance company to record you
  • Call a Tempe motorcycle accident attorney now at (602) 691-7278
  • Speak to Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law BEFORE dealing with any insurance companies

How a Tempe Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Help You

If someone else is at fault in your Tempe motorcycle accident, your motorcycle accident lawyer will help you file an insurance claim to gain the compensation you deserve for your injuries, property damage, lost income, pain and suffering and other damages.

By having a Tempe motorcycle accident attorney, you make your post-accident life so much less stressful. You will know that someone else is taking care of your legal and insurance needs, so you can concentrate on recovering from your trauma and injuries. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will deal with the insurance company for you, submit your claim documents, negotiate with the adjuster for the best possible settlement, and take your case to trial if settlement is not possible.

Having a lawyer with a solid personal injury claim reputation will work in your favor against insurance companies familiar with that lawyer. They will immediately know that he or she will ensure you are compensated as you should be for your damages. If a suitable settlement is not reached, your attorney will take your case to court for the best possible outcome through judgment.

A motorcycle accident claim will help you recover these damages as they apply:

  • Medical expenses
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medication costs
  • Imaging study costs, such as for MRIs, CT scans and X-rays
  • Hospital bills
  • Rehab costs
  • Lost income or wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Property damage, motorcycle replacement or repair
  • Auto rental
  • Towing charges
  • Other damages

When you have been in a Tempe motorcycle accident or one anywhere in the state of Arizona, you need an experienced Tempe motorcycle accident attorney. For the reputable help you need to push for the right settlement in your case, call the motorcycle accident lawyers of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law Accident Law at (602) 691-7278 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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