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Nursing Home Abuse and Its Types

People who live in nursing homesare subject to special care and quality medical treatment. Every year, there isa numberof cases reported in which the people are hurt due to the negligenceof nursing home staff, intentional or unintentional.

A report issued by the SenateSpecial Committee on Aging stated that nearly 5 million aged people become a victim of nursing home abuse and neglect. Moreover, the National Center on Elder Abuse estimated, around 3 to 5 percent of the US aged population suffers abuse. Unfortunately, still,there are many cases that go unreported.

Who is the Abuser?

The abuser is a caretaker of elderly people in a nursing home. In many cases, elder abuse originates from a relationshipbased on trust. The abuser intends to become closer to an elderly individual and use the position to harm him or her.

Risk Factors involving the Abuse:

The aged person may be victimized by abuse, exploitation or even negligence. Elderly people become more vulnerable given certain factors, especially when they are socially isolated. The abuser targets that elderly person who is not attended by friends or family. Moreover, those who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer, or any other cognitive disorder which affects their memory, become an easy target and cannot recognize abuse and become defenseless.

Types of the Abuse at Nursing Home:

There are more than one to two types of abuse, or there can be multiple types of abuse happening at the same time:

Physical Abuse:

Physical abuse is quite visible and there can be seen injuries on the body. It may include bruises, cuts, pressure marks, burns, abrasions or even fracture. There can even be no satisfying explanation for the injuries on the part of the caretaker. The injuries can often be seen at the same place or in an uncommon place which cannot make sense to the explanation given about the injuries in question.

Behavioral Signs:

The elderly may display abnormalor uncomfortable behavior, for instance, he or she looks withdrawn as compared to previously active behavior and participation. Making the victim isolated is a trick that abuser employs, and can make lame excuses about why his or her family cannot meet. The abuser may also make the victim undergo different medical facilities to let the abuse go undetected from the health care providers.

Psychological Abuse:

Elderly people have weaker nerves and many of them may be already suffering from psychological disorders. The yelling, humiliation, threats, or embarrassedby the caregiver areconsidered as psychological abuse. These abusesare detected by the display of certain behaviors such as regressive behavior like biting or soiling themselves, the strained relationship between the elder and caregiver, or displaying signs of fears in his or her presence.

Sexual Abuse:

Unwantedsexual contact with the elderly is considered as sexual abuse. If the victim is quite weak mentally, the person cannot consent such to such physical contact. If there are bruises, marks or injuries on the private areas, this clearly proves that sexualabuse occurs.

Financial Exploitation:

This refers to a scenario when the person is forced into making certain financial decisions opposite to his or her interests suchas obtaining property wrongfully. In addition to this, showing interest in the victim’s money, unpaid bills, or unnecessary withdrawal of cash are also types of financial abuse hat elderly people fall victim of.

Nursing Home Neglect:

Neglect from the caregiver happens, when the nursing home is understaffed and they have to take care of multiple patients. Elderly people wearing dirty clothes, soiled clothes, being malnourished, having bed sores, messy living area, improper medical facilities etc. are signs of neglect.

If a person wants to file a lawsuit against a nursing home, a personal injury attorney will give options to the plaintiff and may explain and assist about how to proceed with the case.

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