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Parking Lot Dangers: Why Speed Isn’t Necessary for Causing Car Accidents

When it comes to roadways, can there be anything worse than bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway? Depending on your personal preference, it could be an overly crowded parking lot. While you’re (hopefully) not zooming through a packed parking lot, there are many situations that could end up leading to an accident. Typically, with slow-moving accidents, tons of cuts, bruises and other physical injuries are not seen. This does not discredit the amount of time can be lost on even a minor accident, as well as the amount of money spent.

When Can Parking Lot Accidents Occur?

The Search for a Spot
When you enter a parking lot, often you have just one goal in mind – find a spot. Be sure to pay attention to other vehicles and pedestrians around you while you’re searching for a spot. During peak times of the day or busy holiday seasons, drivers can get relatively aggressive when looking for a spot – keep this in mind, and try to stay as calm as possible.

Looking Out for Pedestrians
It’s important to remember that pedestrians most likely will not be looking out for you in a parking lot. In general, they feel that in a parking lot they have the right-of-way. Make sure you keep your eyes open for people walking in between parked or even slow moving cars, and obey all signs and crosswalks.

An Attempt at an Exit
Finding a spot and getting there safely is difficult enough. When you have to back out of a spot surrounded by other vehicles and you’re unable to see oncoming traffic, the situation can get even trickier. Stay aware of your surroundings and take your time.

What Can You Do to Avoid Them?

Ease Up on the Accelerator
According to car accident attorneys at The Bob Richardson Law Firm, aggressive driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in Texas. Keep in mind that you’re not on the highway and that this is not a race. With cars and pedestrians coming from every direction, it can be a smart move to ease up on the gas and park slightly further from the front of the store.

Keep Your Distance
Give yourself time and space to correct any mistakes you might make while driving through a parking lot. Creating more space than usual between you and the car in front of you can prevent potential injury or damage to either vehicle.

When Possible, Pull Through
Because it’s much easier to see where you’re going while moving forward as opposed to backing up, if you have the chance to pull through a parking spot, take it. Backing out can be difficult, but when you’re surrounded by parked cars and packed traffic, it’s nearly impossible to see what you’re doing.

Use Your Mirrors
Utilize the tools you were provided with! Mirrors can be incredibly helpful in parking lot situations. People and vehicles can sneak up on you from any direction, so it’s crucial to know what’s going on at all angles.


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