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Government Liability

When to Hire a Government Liability Attorney

Government Liability is a term used to refer to cases whereby a government agency or an employee is deemed to be at fault for your injury. Instances of government liability can range from cases involving a police car or another type of emergency vehicle that is operated with negligence that results in an accident, or it can involve a 911 emergency call response that is either slow, poorly handled or never arrives at all. Another type of case involves improper maintenance and planning of our government buildings and public roadways that lead to an injury due to a defect in the construction of the building or the implementation of an inadequate security plan within municipal building. This is known as a “Construction Defect” case.

Government liability is also familiar to the public since it includes cases that involve police misconduct such as police brutality or false arrests. A civil rights violation pertaining to the denial of specific permits and licensing that is based upon a person’s race or ethnic background is another type of case that falls under this term.

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Government liability can be placed beneath multiple categories. At Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law we provide representation to every type of client who has family members or friends that have experienced an injury due to government negligence or intent. In many of these cases, the injuries are permanent or have led to premature death. If you have been inured due to  government negligence or intent, please choose from one of the following categories:

It is essential to have a law firm that has as much experience in handling government liability cases as the Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law team when you are dealing with this type of situation. For example, there are things you may not know about filing a lawsuit against a government entity such as being required to submit a Notice of Claim letter within 180 days of the injury to the involved municipality’s risk management section. Failure to submit this letter means that you have waived your rights to sue the involved government entity and may never see restitution for your or a loved one’s pain and suffering. In some instances, there are certain exceptions such as in the instance that you did not know about the injury being caused by the government entity until after the 180 days had already passed.

Once again, it is critical for you to choose a skilled law firm, one that can competently handle your case by guiding you through complicated legal procedures, such as Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law.

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At Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law, the firm’s attorneys have accumulated more than 200 combined jury trials that involved many different types of cases. While you may hear other lawyers claim to take an aggressive approach, the Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law team truly is “Beyond Aggressive!!!” We will not only do everything in our power to secure the highest settlement possible for your case. Our firm will also provide you with assistance regarding seeking treatment from a doctor and medical liens to ensure you get medical care for your injuries, with no up-front, out of pocket costs. This way, you do not have to endure any further undue hardship from your injury while you wait for your case to progress.

If you are ready to seek professional help for your claim, then give us a call at our office at (602) 691-7278. Alternatively, you can simply click on our “Schedule a Free Consultation” button and send us a direct Email. At Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law, you are never considered to be just a client. Instead, we consider you a person in need.

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