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Steps To Prevent Drunk Driving Cases

To effectively deal with the drunk driving cases, it society’s responsibility to tackle the problem from different directions at a time. Tougher penalties and beefed-up surveillance for drunk drivers can be two methods that must be part of the solution. Drunk drivers injure and even kill many innocent third parties to permit legal intervention. Generally, Americans agree that drunk drivers must be arrested and punished.

There are also many other options for prevention that can be implemented to get strict with drunk drivers. Educational campaigns, safer highways, and cars, modification in the drinking age, more taxes on alcohol, effective steps to deal with the repeated offenders, and accountable oversight by the servers these all have at least the capability theoretically reduce the drunk driving. Though there are advantages and disadvantages to all of these measures and the proof of their success is not always certain but as apart of broad and comprehensive prevention program these steps have a potential to bring a significant and long-lasting difference in drunk driving accident news.

Who is at More Risk?

Young Drivers: As compared to older people the young drivers are at more risk of being involved in the car crash due to the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at all levels. In 2016, the drivers with blood alcohol level 0.08% or greater were more involved in the fatal car crashes. Three out of ten were of age between 25 to 34 years (27%). The other two largest groups consist of ages 35 to 44 (22%) and 21 to 24 (26%).

Motorcyclist:Among the motorcyclist deaths in drunk driving crashes 25% of them have normally BACs of 0.08% or higher. The highest percentage of motorcyclist group have ages between 35 to 39 with BACs 0.08% or more and were total of 38%.

Drivers with Prior Convictions of Driving While Impaired (DWI): Drivers with 0.08% or greater blood alcohol level are more likely to be involved in the serious car crashes and have 4.5 times more prior conviction for the DWI compared to when there were drivers with zero alcohol in the system.

The victims injured in the drunk driving car accidents need a skilled and professional Los Angeles car accident lawyer who treat their clients with respect and are able to effectively handle the case with thoroughness to ensure to get full and fair compensation the victim is entitled to.

How to Prevent Injuries and Deaths from Impaired Driving?

Effective measures to avoid this include:

  • Strictly enforcing the standing laws of 0.08% alcohol, zero tolerance laws for the young drivers of age below 21 years in all states, and keeping legal drinking age minimum.
  • Sobriety checkpoints usage
  • For the prevention of DWI and alcohol control use community-based approaches.
  • For DWI offenders use mandatory substance abuse treatment and assessment if needed.
  • Use ignition interlocks for all offenders.
  • Increasing the alcohol unit price by raising taxes.
  • Putting into practice the health promotion efforts that influence organizational, economic, policy, and community action.
  • Do not let the impaired friends drive.


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