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Striving for Safety: The Responsibility of a Driver

Laws concerning driving may vary from state to state, but overall the rules of the road are similar and the number one priority of every driver should be to be as safe as possible. Although driving is a necessity for most, it is a privilege that can be taken away when a car accident results from reckless behaviors or the failure to follow state laws.

Making a Vow to Safety

When you get your driver’s license, you are making an unofficial vow to be a safe and responsible driver and while safety should be second nature to millions of drivers, we all have seen the results of a negligent driver. Negligence, in regards to a car accident, can be anything from running a red light to failing to stop for a pedestrian. In other words, a negligent driver is someone who disregards the rules of the road, thus making the road more dangerous and putting other motorists and/or pedestrians at risk for being injured or even killed.

Are Drivers Intentionally Negligent?

It’s doubtful that a majority of negligent drivers are intentional about their actions. In many cases, a driver is too distracted or may be sleep deprived, making him or her more likely to be negligent. Even if a driver doesn’t intend to be negligent, he or she is not off the hook that easily. Driving while knowingly sleep deprived or while distracted by a cellphone may violate your state’s laws. Occasionally, however, there are drivers who have no regards for the law or for safety in general, but any driver who fails to follow the rules of the road (intentionally or unintentionally) are dangerous and irresponsible.

More Than Following the Rules of the Road

Following the rules of the road is a major responsibility of safe drivers, but a safe driver also knows how to drive defensively, drive safely with passengers on board, and how to keep calm and collected while behind the wheel (even during stressful situations).

As motorists on the road, we encounter all types of vehicles and drivers of all abilities. It’s important to drive as though other motorists may not see you, even if you feel like you are visible. Never assume that because you are driving with safety in mind others are doing the same. It’s your job to identify roadway hazards and avoid them whenever possible.

Additionally, as a safe driver you are aware and take the well-being of your passengers seriously. Even if you have car insurance that protects you and your passengers, it’s your responsibility to value and look out for their safety.

Finally, a responsible driver, with his or her safety in mind as well as the safety of all motorists, knows how to remain calm and stress-free while driving. Although driving through congested and other hazardous areas can make even the most experienced of drivers feel a little stressed, too much stress or anxiety can lead to bigger issues such as road rage, a contributing factor in many serious and fatal car accidents.



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