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Surprise Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Hire a Surprise Personal Injury Lawyer

People are often confused about the types of cases Surprise personal injury lawyers represent, believing that they only handle auto accidents resulting in mental or physical injury. But these attorneys actually handle a wide variety of cases, many of which are not related to auto accidents, at all. Some of the cases a Surprise personal injury lawyer handle include the following:

  • Assault, as victimized 60 people in Surprise during 2002
  • Premises liability, occurred for 11,908 U.S. people in one year
  • Slip and fall injury accidents, necessitating 33 percent of ER visits
  • Malfunctioning products, caused injury in 26,948 cases in 2005
  • Medical malpractice, leading to compensation of 2,777 patients for injuries suffered in Arizona from 2004 to 2014
  • Dental malpractice, with legal claims being settled or won for 304 patients in Arizona between 2004 and 2014
  • Nursing home liability and elder abuse, affecting as many as one in ten of aging patients
  • Pharmaceutical liability due to injuries caused by medicines and medical devices, as more patients experience each year
  • Birth injury, making more than half of all babies born in Surprise vulnerable
  • Construction defects, like those on the rise throughout the U.S., as reported by the International Risk Management Institute
  • Dog bites, like those anyone could experience in Surprise dog parks, such as Community Park in Surprise
  • Bicycle accidents, as injured 1,276 Arizona residents in 2015
  • Many other types of accidents

Beyond the above list, there are many other types of injuries for which a personal injury lawyer in Surprise can build a case. Such injuries can result from a wide variety of circumstances in any part of the community. The main thread running through all cases a Surprise personal injury lawyer will handle is that of representation of victims suffering injuries due to the negligence or intent of others.

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Role Negligence Plays in Surprise Personal Injury Cases

Negligence is determined by the failure of one party to act reasonably and carefully. This negligence is hand-in-hand with “duty of care,” another term you may hear as part of your case. Duty of care is the responsibility of a party to meet the needs of another according to minimum standards. When injury occurs because of someone’s negligence or failure in duty of care, that case is a personal injury case.

A personal injury lawyer is the expert in these types of cases when you need help and guidance for recovering financial damages, whether by settlement or through a jury trial in Arizona. The personal injury lawyer will examine your case to determine whether financial damages can be recovered according to clear evidence of negligence having occurred. The plaintiff carries burden of proof in these cases, so it is critical that the evidence will work to help the victim gain compensation.

How a Surprise Personal Injury Attorney Is Right for Your Case

A general practice lawyer can certainly represent you in personal injury matters. But such a lawyer has a general field of knowledge across multiple categories of legal work, not necessarily the focus or expertise you need to achieve the best possible settlement or award. When your claim is submitted to insurance companies and negotiations for a settlement are conducted, it is imperative that you have representation by a lawyer that insurance companies know can win the case. A personal injury lawyer is the only attorney who will have that solid reputation in this field, along with the ability to prove the most compensation should be provided through a court decision.

For example, if a general practice attorney is able to win $50,000 in compensation for your case, a personal injury attorney will most often be able to win $100,000 for the same case. End results are what count for your future. For the right end results, you need a personal injury lawyer with experience in Surprise, Arizona cases.

One tactic general practice lawyers will use to entice you as their client will be to reduce their fees. But a fee reduction will still cost you more and eat up more of your compensation than working with an established, reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer. When it comes down to it, having a lawyer that can gain greater compensation and has the right fee structure that will not reduce your monies to a low amount is the right choice.

How Personal Injury Cases Are Important

Personal injury cases are important in today’s society in that they provide compensation for people who are injured due to the actions or fault of others, by no fault of their own. Compensation helps to provide the victim with a more normal life, as they would have had if the injury had not occurred. Citizens who work hard in their lives and act responsibly can unfortunately suffer grave damages due to another person’s lack of attention, responsibility or care. This is not fair, in that so much can be lost to injury. Personal injury cases help return victims to their former lifestyle as much as can be achieved through financial compensation. Types of personal injury cases often represented by a personal injury lawyer in Surprise include:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Dental malpractice
  • Birth injury
  • Brain damage
  • Business and contract disputes
  • Government liability cases
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Nursing home injury or elder abuse
  • Pharmaceutical liability
  • Personal injury
  • Product liability
  • Wrongful death

A simple personal injury case at face value can actually be formed around serious injury or permanent disability caused by one party’s negligence. Settlement amounts range from tens of thousands to millions, depending on the case and other circumstances. Some considerations toward settlement or award amount include:

♦ Medical Bills

Medical expenses can often mount to well over $100,000 very quickly. This is particularly true when the injured victim must stay in the hospital for a long period of time, requires home nursing support or care, or must gain rehabilitation for injuries.

Paying these medical bills can seem impossible to the victim and his or her family. But there is no choice but to pay them, or to suffer the big consequences of damaged credit and collections. Because there is so much pressure to pay medical bills, injured victims often succumb to low offers from insurance adjusters eager to capitalize on the victim’s desperation to get money “in hand” for the growing medical expense list.

Insurance adjusters will also try to catch victims quickly after suffering their injuries for other reasons. They want to settle the case before the victim knows the full extent of and long-term cost associated with their injury. Adjusters often work to settle by claiming that the amount will cover all medical costs. But this is most often not the case. Such a quick settlement will not include key compensation of life care, vocational training or other expenses that victims often do not realize at first.

Although it is tempting to settle quickly, you should never sign an insurance adjuster’s offer until you speak with an experienced and reputable personal injury attorney about your Surprise case.

♦ Life Care

Future medical bills, injury rehabilitation and home care are some of the costs included as life care. Life care money covers these expenses, even compensating family members who are responsible for taking care of a victim of injury.

Family members should be paid for their support of a loved one who has been permanently injured, as these dedicated people pay a personal price for their compassion and care. They lose precious personal time, cannot work as many hours as they could before their relative was injured and cannot pursue their own interests as freely as before. Additionally, they may burn out at some point, need a vacation or simply need to pursue their own life. When this is the case, it is important to have the financial means to get the help of an outside home care provider.

Your personal injury attorney for the Surprise case will ensure expert witnesses are enlisted to provide testimony you need to gain the right level of compensation in a settlement or trial.

♦ Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages are meant to make up for lost quality of life, to the degree that money can do so. Suffering injury takes a major toll on a person’s life and that of their loved ones. Constant pain can hinder future lifestyle, cognitive abilities may be reduced, and mobility may be affected. All of these are considered toward optimum pain and suffering compensation, often the largest amount awarded in a personal injury case.

♦ Employment Damages

Employment damages are designed to compensate for the changes in employment usually experienced as part of injury. A victim may not be able to keep the same job, stay in their career field, continue earning the same amount or work as many hours as before the accident or injury. They may not be able to work as long in their career as before injury, with many victims having to retire early. Others are not employable at all and do not go back to work. Still more experience frequent termination after injuries, for a multitude of reasons that cause them to be unable to meet the demands of their work.

Whether the victim suffered injury at the apex of their career, were in college or were just starting in their career field, employment damages will compensate according to their expected earnings, had they not been injured. An expert witness may help in these calculations and provide testimony to ensure the insurance company or jury is aware of the true extent of the victim’s career and earnings losses.

Juries are frequently very understanding of these issues and are sympathetic, as frequently evidenced through employment damages amounts.

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