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The dangers of Cognitive Distraction and Car Accident

Car accident and cognitive distraction are co-related. In most of the times, cognitive distraction becomes the sole reason for the car accident. Most of the times, the drivers are indulged in the texting or other such works which cater their attention. Resultantly, they lose the car control and eventually collide the car with another one and leads to a lethal car accident. The car accident is dangerous in multiple domains. It not only has the capacity to hurt the innocent one while doing the collateral damage while on the other hand also bring damage to the assets.

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are three main types of cognitive distraction, which are as follows:

  • Visual Distraction
  • Manual Distraction
  • Cognitive distraction

Let’s shed some light on each of the following:

Visual distractionmeans when you take off your eyes intentionally or unintentionally from the road. There is a likely probability that the driver can be distracted by any ongoing scenery or any awful incident which captures his/her attention and become the reason for the car accident.

Manual Distractionmeans when you take off your hands from the steering wheel. Any possible scenario can compel the driver to take off their hands from the steering wheel, and which can be the reason for the out of control car/vehicle /truck or bus. This out of control vehicle always ended up in the collision, which further leads to the personal injury case.

Cognitive distractionis another one, which basically accounts for the absent mind. This means when you take off your mind from driving, and lack of attention always lead to un-happening situations.

Therefore, it is always advisable to connect with a personal injury attorney in Rhode Island, who can claim for the settlement against the injuries you have sustained in the accident. Besides this, it also helps you and guides you throughout the process, and by building strong defense can help you avoid jail time or hefty penalties as well as sentencing the guilty one in the event of the damage to the body or property.

Levels of Cognitive Distraction 

According to the research study on the cognitive distraction of car drivers, it is found that in-vehicle activities can really be a fundamental reason for car accidents. Any activity that can result in a low, moderate or even high cognitive workload leads towards the car accident. Also, depending upon the degree to which the activity takes the driver’s mind away from not only driving but also from the on-going task. Let’s have a look at each level of the cognitive distraction, these are as follows:

Low-Level Cognitive Distraction: In the low-level cognitive distraction, the car driver is listening to the radio or an audiobook.

Moderate Level Cognitive Distraction: In the moderate level cognitive distraction, the driver talks to the potential passenger or talking on the hand free device.

High-Level Cognitive Distraction: In the high-level cognitive distraction the driver is busy in making hotel reservations, sending and receiving texts or using social media.

Bottom line is, cognitive distraction is dangerous while driving with the possible serious consequences, not for the passenger but also for the driver as well.

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