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Involved in Car Accident with Uninsured Motorist

Uninsured Motorist Car Accident

When you are in a car accident, things are stressful enough without having to deal with an uninsured motorist. But sometimes such accidents occur. If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision caused by someone who does not have auto insurance, you still have some options for damage and injury compensation.

To ensure your legal rights are protected in an accident with an uninsured motorist, follow these steps:

Consult a Phoenix Injury Attorney

Whenever you are in an auto accident with injuries or damages, a personal injury lawyer can help you navigate through the process of insurance claims. The lawyer can also review your personal auto insurance coverage to determine what it requires you to do in the event of an accident, especially in regard to submitting to arbitration or utilizing another form of dispute resolution.

A good rule of thumb is that you should reach out to a personal injury attorney first, even before calling insurance companies. This will ensure your rights are protected and your claim is for the highest possible amount, paid as quickly as possible.

Your lawyer can ensure the insurance company performs as it should. When the insurance company does not act in good faith, the lawyer can discuss the option of rectifying the situation through a bad faith claim.

When multiple drivers or parties are involved in your auto accident, dealing with insurance companies can become particularly confusing. A good personal injury lawyer will help you understand your rights and may discuss the option of a multiple-party lawsuit to ensure you are compensated for your medical expenses and property damage.

When a case is not quickly settled outside of the courtroom, as most are, the personal injury attorney can lead you through discovery and pretrial investigation. These processes may be needed to determine plausibility of a case according to accident information and evidence. When arbitration is needed, the attorney can make appropriate presentations to the arbitrator or panel for a final decision.

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Review Your Insurance Policy Coverage

Your insurance policy may include uninsured motorist coverage. This can be very helpful because uninsured motorist coverage will provide compensation for your medical expenses and damage to your property when you are in a collision with an uninsured motorist. Although all drivers are legally required to maintain a minimum of liability coverage for these accident costs, uninsured motorist coverage is a fail-safe for those drivers who break the law and inflict damage on others in a crash.

Underinsured motorist coverage on an insurance policy is similar to uninsured motorist coverage. Underinsured coverage helps bridge the gap between the other driver’s low policy coverage and the full cost of your medical needs or damages. In these situations, the other driver’s policy will first be responsible for your expenses and then your policy’s underinsured motorist coverage will take care of the balance up to the coverage limits.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

When it is clear that you need to utilize your uninsured or underinsured policy coverage, the insurance company will need to be made aware of the accident and the other driver’s circumstances. It is important that you get into touch with your insurance company quickly following your accident. When working with an attorney, he or she will advise when this must be done and the steps involved for your claim.

Document Evidence and Damages

Although the police will likely file a police report and document evidence if they are called on the scene of the accident, it is important that you document your own damages. Your insurance company will likely start its own investigation of your claim. This investigation will look into the type of injuries you suffered, medical treatments received and expenses accrued. The insurance adjuster may also photograph your vehicle, ask questions and take notes.

Keep all of your receipts for medical expenses, bills and other costs associated with the accident. Maintain copies of your medical records and any estimates you receive for property damage. Finally, keep track of lost earnings and obtain documentation of those lost wages from your employer.

Consider Others Who Are at Fault

Even when only two individual drivers are involved in an accident, other parties may have played a role in the collision’s occurrence. This means they are also possibly liable for damages. As an example, an accident caused by faulty auto parts can lead to a claim against the auto or parts manufacturer. Vehicle owners, parts retailers and mechanics are also often found liable in accident claims. When a company vehicle is involved, the employer may be responsible for damages on the company’s insurance policy.

Communicate According to Your Attorney’s Advice

When navigating a claim following an auto accident, it is very important that you follow the lead of your car accident attorney and communicate with insurance companies as needed. The lawyer you hire may handle all insurance company communications for you. But there may be times when you are expected to provide information or answers. In those instances, it is very important that you communicate as needed. Some state laws require such communications to be provided in writing.

Get to Know Your State Laws

Each state has variances in how auto accidents are handled. This makes it important to get to know the laws of your particular state or where the accident occurred. An example of state laws in accidents is regulation of how many days an insurance adjuster has to respond to a claim. Other deadlines may be important to how you provide information or whether you have a valid bad faith claim. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side to explain and keep track of these laws for you is always a good choice.


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