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What happens in a Credit Card Fraud case?

Credit card fraud can include identity theft or withdrawing money from an account that is not yours. Most of the credit card fraud cases involve stealing a card and using it to buy things or to draw money. A fraud like this can drain your bank accounts from your hard earned money and it can even leave a red mark on your credit report even when you have not spent a single penny. Most of the credit card banks and companies send out alerts to the person who has been issued that card in case of any suspicious transactions.

In such situations, you should act instantly and report the theft of your card as soon as possible. The investigation of the case depends on the amount of fraudulent activity that has been conducted on the card. If the cost is very small, the card is shut down without a thorough investigation. On the other hand a large amount of fraudulent amount means that police has to be involved in the entire investigation. An officer is assigned to visit the locations where the card has been used, question the witnesses there and check out the security footages to identify potential suspects. The suspect who is arrested is then tried in the court.

A credit card fraud case is a serious offense in the United States and is considered a felony; the person accused of it might have to spend time in jail depending on the amount of fraud that has been done. In case of a conviction, the records of the person including driving record and employment records are ruined as a result of which the convicted might find it difficult to get a stable job in the future. Apart from this, the convicted is also not allowed to run for public office posts. In case the convicted person is from another country, the authorities will deport him or her to the country of their origin.

Credit card theft is an ever increasing crime in our country; therefore, as a user of a credit card, you must be very vigilant. If you lose your card, get is blocked as soon as possible so that the money in your account can be saved from being drained by a thief. It is a good idea to find out all the ways you can prevent credit card fraud on your account and how you can increase the security of your credit card. In case you are caught in the middle of such a situation, hire a good attorney to fight your law suit when the case goes to the court and present all the evidence that is available to you.


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