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X-Ray Radiation Exposure

X-ray serves as a tool for diagnostic purposes by many health care providers. At some point in a person’s life, they will undergo an X-ray whether it is for dental care or to view an injury. X-rays are a very popular tool used in the medical field, in fact, the most commonly used. With that being said, there is a risk of radiation exposure, although very rare.

X-rays are relatively safe when the administration of it is done properly. On the other hand, medical malpractice can surge from an exposure to radiation when a radiologist or technologist does not take the required precautions in safely administering an x-ray exam. A person can endure a radiation overdose for a radiologist’s or technologist’s negligence.


What is the definition of an X-ray?

The sole purpose of an x-ray is to obtain views of the person’s internal body structure. It is a diagnostic tool that can show if a person has a condition or how severe an injury is. The technical term of X-ray is actually “radiograph”. The type of radiation used to obtain an image is what is referred to as “x-ray”. The way in which x-ray works is by a beam of radiation that is concentrated in the specific area of the body that needs to be recorded for testing.

First, an x-ray is ordered by a physician that is treating the patient, then it is administered by a technician and finally viewed by a radiologist. The internal organs usually appear as gray matter, while the bones appear as white.
How Does X-ray radiation Overdose Occur?

Becoming a victim of x-ray radiation overdose can occur due to a number of reasons. The causes for x-ray radiation overdose include:

  • Not properly shielding the patient’s body
  • The room that is not properly shield
  • X-ray machine that is calibrated correctly


Statistics About X-ray Use

X-ray is the most commonly used tool that medical professionals turn to for diagnostic. Some of the data below of x-ray use were presented in the year 2009.

  • There were about 7.6 million x-rays performed
  • 55% of x-rays were done on females(3.8 million females)
  • 96% were done on males(3.2 million)
  • 49% were done on children (570,304)


What Damages Can X-ray Exposure Cause?

Here are some known damages that can arise from x-ray exposure:

  • Damages to cells that can cause cancer
  • Damages to the reproductive system
  • Damage to an unborn child


Helping Victims of X-ray Radiation Exposure in Orlando

If a patient’s x-ray exposure overdose was caused by a medical professional’s negligence, then it could be considered medical malpractice. The issue with an x-ray technician is that every state has a different regulation for medical malpractices concerning x-ray mistakes. Depending on the state where the exposure occurred, different laws may apply.

The attorneys at Percy Martinez Law Firm serve those in Orlando and can help determine whether there is a viable claim or not. A radiologist and x-ray technician must maintain an adequate standard of care when performing an x-ray. They must ensure a patient’s body is properly shielded from further exposure in areas that do not need to be imaged.








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